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4 Secrets to Self Healing

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You don’t need “special powers” to heal into your highest potential.  Rhys will show you that all healing is Self-Healing with simple yet powerful techniques anyone can do.

What is 4-Dimensional Healing?


Discovering your life purpose, living at your highest potential and healing, is easier than you think. A statement made by an influential teacher, professional athlete, martial artist, healer and high-performance coach, Rhys Thomas.

We have been taught that life is divided into body, mind, spirit, healing, medicine, emotions, relationships, family, work, time, past, future, schooling, psychology, purpose, spiritual practices, etc. As the current mindset goes, if any of those areas of your life are out of balance, you must deal with them separately to meet with your chances of success. Going to the gym is like a doctor for your body, meditation for your mind, yoga or religion for your soul, Reiki for energy healing, working to gain more money, bar nights for socializing, a business coach for your career, seeing a therapist for your personal and relationship problems… the list goes on.

Rhys Thomas has been running his Life Mastery Training Program at the Rhys Thomas Institute for over 20 years and has created for you the idea of 4 Energetic Dimensions of Life, which when developed together, create lasting changes in people’s lives. This integrative mastery system is so much better than dividing your time between so many seemingly opposite pulls in life – and takes a fraction of the time.

Prescribing to a fragmented system of fast-food as a form of comfort and “self-care” for some, tends to lead to more stress and isolation, and lesser unity with the self and its desires. Rather than being all things to all people, Rhys has a more achievable goal of finding the one extraordinary power and innate wisdom that has been there all along. Thousands of years ago, this was deemed ‘mastery’, a missing practice in most people’s lives today.

To find out more about Rhys’ 4D Healing System click on the button below and sign up for his free 60-minute masterclass, the 4 Secrets to Self-Healing. You will get a powerful 4 step energy technique so you can start aligning with your soul’s deeper purpose today.


Discover Your Purpose

This book will awaken your soul and illuminate your path towards true success.

You will move from striving for success to living in a state of life mastery.

It is time to call out your greatness into the light and create businesses, relationships, and healthy balanced lives!

The Power of Purpose in Business

Does the work you do create more stress in your life than happiness?

What does it take to have a successful business?

Is it possible for everyone to learn to love the work they do and get paid well for it?

Rhys Thomas says the answer is YES!

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