Concierge work with Rhys Thomas is for individual who are on the path to awakening, and ready for some laser focus in their lives.

The concierge program includes four, 1 hours sessions per month, and e-mail access to Rhys Throughout the month, his 2 books, Discover Your Purpose, The Missing Piece, and access to the full profile assessment and digital version of Life Purpose Profile DVD and 12 Chakra Gateways to Your Life Purpose.

This is an application only program. Please click the button at the bottom of the page to apply.

In this program Rhys will support you in going deep into your Life Purpose, Relationships, Career and Health. Get clarity and courage to change your life or see how to have more energy and fun in the life you have.

Through his work with thousands of people over the last thirty years, Rhys has discovered how to help people get the three things they want most: financial freedom in a career they are proud to be known for, better relationships, both personally and in business, and better health so they can have more fun in life!

Rhys shows you how to get what you really want through his three step process:

1. Clarify your purpose and direction in life
2. Increase your vital energy and passion
3. Develop the courage to live a life with no excuses or apologies

Price $1500/month.  Payment due at time of first session, no refunds.


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