Discover the Final Age-Reversing Power

Welcome to the grand finale of our life-changing journey!

Today, we’ll reveal one more piece of the age-defying puzzle that when combined with energy healing work could help you reverse your biological clock by 30 years!

It turns out that the research shows that it’s not just what you do and add to your diet, but what you don’t do that counts!  And what you shouldn’t do goes against what most people think they need to do to be healthy but may be accelerating your aging. 

I will share that with you in a minute…  but first let’s review what we know so far and what it can mean to you. 

If you’re coming in late on these emails here is a quick review…

Dr. David Sinclair is a Harvard Medical School researcher doing groundbreaking research that has led him to a revolutionary conclusion: aging is not a natural part of the human condition but a disease that can be treated and reversed.

This radical idea challenges everything we’ve been taught about the inevitability of aging and opens up a whole new world of possibilities and awareness of who you are and what it means to be human.  (Click here to get the last emails, you do not want to miss any of this, your life may depend on it)

Doing what no one else has ever done! Sinclair, in a laboratory setting has accelerated the aging of mice to grey hair and failing organs and blindness, then reversed the aging process and brought the same mice back to their youth with dark fur, healthy organs and restored vision… oh and they still lived 30% longer than the control group. 

Sooo…. How good are you at math?  Translated into human terms… once he cracks this code and human trials are complete… you could live 25-50 more years, and if you add enlightened consciousness to that and it could be indefinite!   

You know what that means right? … more years to travel, master you mind and emotions, start a whole new career at 90 years old, reach spiritual enlightenment, spend more time with your loved ones, finally write that best seller or 10, or make the difference in the world you know you are here to make.

So, if you are a forward thinker, and are already planning for those extra 10-to 50 years, don’t you want them full of love not fear, with a soulmates and not in a perpetual problem relationships, and free of past traumas and living free of guilt and shame… now is the time to get your life choices in order so the next 50 year are a dream!

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The last reveal…

It turns out that the research shows that it’s not just what you do, but what you don’t do that counts!  And what you shouldn’t do goes against what most people think they need to do to be healthy but may be accelerating your aging. 

In this final email, we’ll uncover a surprising factor that plays a significant role in aging: Iron levels, and antioxidant levels in your cells.

Iron is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in various biological processes. Antioxidants were discovered years ago to enhance cellular health.  There are entire vitamin industries now telling you to take iron and a multi-vitamin and antioxidants for your health. 

However, the research Sinclair has been doing on longevity and the causes of advanced aging, has revealed that excess iron can contribute to the aging process by promoting oxidative stress and inflammation and advanced aging due to the free radicals that cause cellular damage. And to combat the free radicals, people are then guided to load up on antioxidants that when you take too many can have the opposite effect and cause advanced aging as well. 

So, how can you effectively manage your iron levels and antioxidant levels? Sinclair makes these suggestions the key to finding the right balance: 

  1. Monitor your iron intake: Be mindful of the iron content in your diet and try to maintain a balance between iron-rich and iron-poor foods. You may need to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the optimal iron intake for your specific needs.
  2. Donate blood regularly: Blood donation can help reduce excess iron levels in your body while providing a lifesaving resource for others. Aim to donate blood at least once or twice a year, depending on your eligibility.
  3. Test your iron levels: Work with your healthcare provider to regularly test your iron levels and make any necessary adjustments to your diet or lifestyle.
  4. While Dr. Sinclair acknowledges the importance of antioxidants in combating oxidative stress and supporting cellular health, he emphasizes that simply supplementing with large amounts of antioxidants may not be the most effective approach to promoting health and longevity and may cause more damage than good.
  5. Instead, he focuses on boosting the body’s natural antioxidant defense system through the activation of specific genes and proteins, such as sirtuins as a much more effective way of creating a health balanced system.

By incorporating these steps along with Dr. Sinclair’s other age-defying strategies, you could potentially take 30 years off your biological clock!  Imagine reclaiming your youthful vitality, mental sharpness, and overall health – it’s all within your reach.

To recap, here are the strategies we’ve covered throughout this email series:

  1. Control the Epigenetic factors in your life that create more energy and less stress, like meditation, energy healing, exercise, better nutrition, better sleep, meditation, and energy field flow awareness, all in the Limitless Membership site.
  2. Intermittent fasting: Boosts NAD levels and promote cellular repair with time-restricted eating or periodic fasting.
  3. Resveratrol supplementation: Activate sirtuins and support cellular health with daily resveratrol supplementation.
  4. NMN supplementation: Boosts NAD levels and target age-related epigenetic changes and create a healthy antioxidant balance releasing oxidative stress.
  5. Manage iron levels: Keep your iron levels in check through mindful food intake and blood donation.
  6. And do regular blood testing to monitor your progress.

The choice is now yours, [Name]. How long you live and how healthy you will be is no longer an accepted fate, but up to you! 

And if you join the risk free Limitless member site in the next 48 hours I will send you a PDF of how Dr Sinclair personally takes his supplements for optimal health… there are even more age defying supplements than we covered in these emails.

[IMPORTANT:  None of what is presented in these emails is a prescription or even suggested. I am not a doctor or medical professional, and any information I provide should not be construed as medical advice; always consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes in your diet, lifestyle or health routine.  Feel free to look up Dr. David Sinclair and follow his research.]

I share this cutting-edge information with you because I am a healer, and my hope that you begin to make your health and longevity #1 priority.  I have dedicated my life over the last 25 years in my energy healing school and now my Limitless Possibilities Membership, to teach many powerful proven systems for living a long, healthy and happy life!

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Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas, the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute, has turned the art of energy healing into a science of personal empowerment.

My name is Rhys Thomas and when I turned 40, I wanted to know “why” even though I appeared to be successful in almost every part of my life and career, I still felt empty.
I became a personal growth junkie for year with no real shift. Then I got serious and attended a 4 year training in energy medicine that introduced me to chakras and so much more. Energy healing, combined with my love of marital arts helped me realize that I was not empty I had just blocked my ability to feel and see through all of my energy centers. I had blinders and didn’t know it. I was putting more attention on living societies dream of success, not my soul’s. But even this did not fully heal me, there was something missing. That is why I create my 4 Dimensional Healing system that that has awakened and deep send of empowerment, love and fulfillment in thousands of people who have worked with me. 30 day to Self-healing Through the chakras is the first leg in this system.

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