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“The virtual program was very convenient, intense and a life changer for me. The amount of value I got from the live part and the material online was so deep and complete. Our online teachers got to know each one of us and could totally support, guide and just be present with us. And my online colleagues are truly my soulmates. Rhys Thomas is so genuine and so giving… it’s like a dream come true.”

  • Nomita Mehta


“I was focused on fixing my life, but what I didn’t know was where I was broken. The chakra learning and the healings were enlightening. The 4th chakra weekend was the biggest “Aha” for me. I came into the class hoping to heal what I felt was the most broken parts of me. What I received was the gift of a new connection with my heart through the loving support of my classmates and teachers.”

  • Robin Crampton


“The Rhys Thomas’ Life Mastery Training Program is unparalleled in its brilliance, insight, and scope for tapping into your true power for a total transformation in your life.  LMT utilizes an array of tools that helps you unlock who you truly are, what your superpowers are, your archetypes and your own unique essence.  Since graduating from the school last year, my life has completely transformed.  Where I used to navigate through the world with low-grade anxiety, now I do so with a low hum of happiness (and that’s on a bad day!) and excitement, empowerment, and optimism.  Everything is more fun, I look forward to each day and feel that I’m riding the waves of possibility.  Rhys Thomas is a brilliant teacher with an uncommon and sage-like ability to see you, who you truly are and what your great potential is, and shine it up to diamond-like brilliance.   Having the energy of the school in your life is like having the wind at your back always – it is a very special place indeed.”

  • Daintry Jenson, Actress


“Rhys is ever adding and evolving the knowledge he teaches. It is never stagnant. I have been awed, inspired and entertained at the same time. What more can you ask for?”

  • Gale Marie Petti


“I like to learn, I read all the time, I do practices, take classes, courses, and programs. I’m a PhD and have been a spiritual seeker for most of my life. This chakra course is the best course, bar none, that I have ever taken. Maybe the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

  • Rebecca Stevens

{Interesting, insightful, uplifting and reaffirming.

  • Deirdre Desmond

{I loved everything. All the staff, teachers, graduates, especially my table leader Mary. So much love and energy in the room. Thank you!

  • Evie Santana- Nola

{A weekend jam packed with information about what is “energy medicine”! Sharing, caring, bonding and laughter that is contagious.

  • Susanne Staal

{This was an amazing experience for me. I opened up to people I didn’t know and I looked deeper within myself. I left feeling raw but satisfied.

  • Frances Yu

{I really enjoyed this workshop. The name AWAKEN lives up to what you will experience. I experienced a validation of what I desire my life to be and felt fully supported.

  • Asunta Derienzo

{No words, must experience!

  • Kate Kusterbeck

{It was powerful. I look forward to doing the school next year.

  • Aleisha Harris

{I could recognize learning pieces that I have studied in other “things.” This program ties it all together.

  • Sigrun Hancock

{Emotional, wonderful, insightful, validating!

  • Kelly Morell

{I realized how controlled I was, and how good it feels to let go and give in to being more “feeling" and less “thinking".

  • Jen Eve

{The awaken event did help me better understand the training program and convinced me to sign up.

  • Karen Potter

{I am vibrating from the meditations and feel like an empty glass ready to be filled back by wonderful things.

  • Jeff Kelley

{It gave me a more solid feeling and foundation of my core essence and how I can operate in the world.

  • Kelly Libby

{A new beginning, I can’t wait to continue with the program. I am excited to meet my new tribe.

  • Paula Rotondo

{Truly awakening. I read all the books, checked out all the gurus, but Rhys just nails it.

  • Joe Reynolds

{Overall I received some great information on energy that I didn’t already have. Love the meditations. Biggest breakthrough is gaining more confirmation on my purpose and fully embracing it.

  • Danielle Vanasse

{Awaken was an amazing experience for me. I gained knowledge of who I am in this life and how I can make changes to accept who my true self is.

  • Mandi Cote

{It was a great experience. The knowledge and awareness of the profiles with the soul purpose alignment was awesome.

  • Lisa Hatzky

{It was a really heart opening experience.

  • Kimberly Lambert

{It was great. Very enlightening. Had an Aha moment that I wasn’t expecting. Took me by surprise that I hadn’t realized it before.

  • Carol Peisca

{I have a hard time actually putting the experience into words. It is more of a feeling that I have. A feeling that I would like to continue to have. It was a weekend of personal growth.

  • Erin Zielinska


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