3 Ways to Say Goodbye to the Dark Ages, Embrace the Healing Journey of Chakras

Did I ever tell you, you are one cosmic accident away from discovering a long lost secret about yourself and life?

That’s right. You are sitting on a gold mine of untapped potential, a treasure of wisdom. Today we are going to do something wonderful. We are going to dispel the darkness and bask in the radiant sunshine of your Chakras!

This is the last post of our “Empowerment through your chakras training series”. It has been an honor to share with you my passion for energy work.

It has been kind of like walking through a mysterious forest, unveiling secrets of energy manipulation and the art of healing. In this final post of the chakra series, I invite you to celebrate this journey of realization, that often starts with the realization that though you thought you were living in the light, part of you was in the dark, and you just didn’t know what you didn’t know.

So let’s say goodbye to the dark and bring in the light!

The ‘Dark Ages’ symbolizes an era of unexplored potentials and unrecognized energies. It speaks of the times when we are under-informed, overburdened, and our own worst critics. Maybe you are feeling that some days.

To help I have gelled this down to 3 takeaways so you can fully Embrace Chakra Healing and let it be the catalyst for a fulfilling life.

First Method: Continual Learning

The journey to chakra mastery is much like polishing a mirror to reflect the purest light. The more we learn, the better we understand this cosmic dance of energies. If you have been washing your mirror with water you are doing great… but what if we could give you the secret of Windex, you would never use water again!  We don’t know what we don’t know, and though we all have the entire universe of wisdom within us, the keys to open all the doors are no obvious.

Online courses, webinars, and instructional videos in multiple disciplines learned simultaneously is your best chance of getting it figured out in this lifetime.  I created my energy medicine school 25 years ago because after doing many individual trainings each one taking years to fully understand and integrate into my life, just to realize that it was only a tiny piece of the puzzle and I needed a dozen other disciplines to be a master… it dawned on me that I would need to live 200 years to learn everything I needed to know…

That was when I entered an integrated energy medicine program that not only taught many modalities at once but helped me see that they must be learned simultaneously if I was going to synthesize them in my life and practice. Continual full spectrum learning elevates you constantly.

The illusion that we will finally find the one thing and will enlightened us is one of the all-time great lies.  Enlightenment means the world is new to you in every moment, full spectrum integrated learning that is always expanding is the key to Life. There is no end to mastery, the certificate of the master is a blank scroll.

Second Method: Vibrant Community Participation

Ever noticed that when you do transformational work on your own, you are pretty convinced you are evolving, but often after years of work you often end up in the same place you started?

Einstein said, “The same brain that creates the problem can’t solve it”.

One of the key elements of the hero’s journey is finding others on the same path to support and validate the challenges and changes in you that you need new eyes to see that your eyes cannot. The first time someone says to you, “you are so different that you were… what is going on… you are so much calmer” you will know you have made progress.

Though the master teacher must be found to help you understand the big picture of what you are doing, it is your community that you connect with as colleagues that make the journey real. That’s the magic of community.

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Third Method: Regular Meditation and Healing Practice for Self-exploration and empowerment

Mastering your meditation and healing practice has been the main ingredient mystics and shaman have spoken of since the ancient civilizations rules the Earth.

How you meditate is a high tech tool for ascension and awakening to your soul purpose that must be experienced directly not thought.  Learning—silent meditations, mantra meditations, guided meditations, sound based meditations, crystal bowl based meditations, breathing based meditations, candle meditations, sunlight meditations… all are essential for the transformational process.

The add to that healing yourself and others by learning to navigate the energy field like it’s your back yard (which it is) goes hand and hand with the meditations you are doing and your new attention to subtle energies.

Lots of people say, “I am never going to have a healing practice why learn healing.”  The answer is simple, until you know how to heal you probably won’t understand any of your relationships and what is actually being transmitted between people energetically.  What is transmitted energetically is infinitely more important than what is said in words or what you think the relationships is about.

Relationships make it or break it on the energetic level not the mental level.  We are here to inspire others to live a at a higher vibrancy that is not done with word, it is the silent truth within you that heals not you word and deeds or even your techniques.

If you are going to move mountains in your life, you better have access to the source of creation not the creation itself.  Meditation and healing, especially sound healing in the next 100 years will be that path to real power… you might as well start now!

Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” There is a universe within you waiting to be discovered! Regular practice of energy manipulation brings out the beautiful layers of this universe and let you see your place in it.

My favorite tool I use in all my programs for helping people move beyond the monkey mind and actually calm your brain like a seasoned meditator, are crystal bowls.  Click here to find out how to get a full meditation set of crystal bowl tones.

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My goal to help you on your path to enlightenment is not only to give you courses and trainings but to feed you a steady stream of energetically empowering emails. Each one giving you the kind of awareness you will need for the coming millennial.

To learning how to reboot ourselves and say goodbye to nuclear bombs and dark armies, patriarchal rule of kings and corporations, where compassion is seen as weakness and killing seen as justified, pharmaceutical/social media/news/governments/AI/corporations hypnotizing a new generation of followers not leaders… well will take finding the power within you.

As I bid you adieu on this final chakra master series journey note, I can feel you standing taller, shining brighter. If you missed any of these chakra emails, go back and read them, there is power in everyone.

You are inching closer to becoming the healer and inspirational change agent you were born to be.  I can feel it!  And if you want to work with me personally to make this a permanent part of your life…

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Oh, and BTW Stay tuned for our further adventures in the arena of energy healing in my upcoming emails.

The thrill of the next chapter beckons! I look forward to seeing you on the other side of this cosmic bridge.

P.S. I know you can hear the universe whispering in your ear, “isn’t it time you learned the language of energy and healing?” That is not voice you want to ignore!

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Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas, the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute, has turned the art of energy healing into a science of personal empowerment.

My name is Rhys Thomas and when I turned 40, I wanted to know “why” even though I appeared to be successful in almost every part of my life and career, I still felt empty.
I became a personal growth junkie for year with no real shift. Then I got serious and attended a 4 year training in energy medicine that introduced me to chakras and so much more. Energy healing, combined with my love of marital arts helped me realize that I was not empty I had just blocked my ability to feel and see through all of my energy centers. I had blinders and didn’t know it. I was putting more attention on living societies dream of success, not my soul’s. But even this did not fully heal me, there was something missing. That is why I create my 4 Dimensional Healing system that that has awakened and deep send of empowerment, love and fulfillment in thousands of people who have worked with me. 30 day to Self-healing Through the chakras is the first leg in this system.

Now I am thrilled to be giving to you what took me 20 years to create in this 30 day training. I wish someone had give it to me 30 year ago.

This information is life like dynamite for anywhere you are stuck in your life or feeling disconnected, it has changed the lives of thousands in my programs and the institute. Now its your turn to use this wisdom to take your life, like I did from empty to fulfilled, energized and joyous.

When you say “YES” to this awakening and evolutionary journey up through the chakras you will unlock the mysteries of the world around and within you.