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Monday Motivation: Become More Energy than Matter

In today's Motivational Monday, we are going to give you a new tool in your healing arsenal. One that takes no energy, no pills, and just a few minutes a day. What does it mean to become more energy than matter? Have you ever felt after doing deep meditation, or...

Monday Motivation: Be part of the Healing Revolution

Are you aware that there is a healing and health revolution and evolution going on that is getting no news coverage but is changing humanity? Yes, even in the darkness of a pandemic where humanity is being lead to believe they are incapable of surviving their lives...

Creating Abundance [FB LIVE]

Do you want to attract more abundance? Do you want to feel fulfilled in your life even in the middle of all the uncertainty? What does it mean to know that when you “ask and you shall receive?” Jesus had nothing and was pretty darn happy… was he just missing the...


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