Master Healer Rhys Thomas Takes You on a 30 Day Healing Journey THROUGH YOUR CHAKRAS to a New Level of Energy and Vibrancy


Tap Into the New 4Dimensional Healing Approach to Health, Wellness and Success. Build a Daily Energy and Healing Practice Step By Step In Just Minutes a Day that Fulfills and Aligns You With Your Soul Energy And Purpose


15 Hours




This high-powered energy healing training is for the individual who wants to unleash your body’s natural healing power and manifest a life of health and vitality fully aligned with your soul’s purpose …


Are you in an urgent search to heal yourself physically, emotionally or spiritually, so you can live a life of health and vitality?


Have you been feeling unfulfilled in your career and relationships and are now being called to discover a deeper spiritual purpose in your life?


Are you becoming aware that modern medicine, therapy and pills may be doing more harm than good making you more dependent on them and less in your own ability to heal?


Do you believe that the key to a long happy and fulfilled life is already inside you just waiting to be liberated?


Are you ready to be the architect of a beautiful life of your dreams…?


Are you aware that there is an energy healing revolution happening right now? People just like you are beginning to activate a remarkable ability to heal yourself, access intuitive wisdom and be the creator of your own destiny?

To get what you truly want in life, all of it! you don’t have to go anywhere, see anybody, or even lift a finger…

What if it were as easy as just closing your eyes, follow a few simple steps to reconnect to your personal energy systems so you can activate the healing pharmacy within you, and turn on your soul purpose GPS so that when you open your eyes you see right through what is blocking you to a direct path to your highest potential and life purpose.

In an uncertain world, there has never been a better time to awaken this untapped healing power within you to be free of pain, have increased energy and vitality and return to a blissful joy of living again.

100% Money Back Guarantee For 90 Days

I am amazed at your knowledge

“Every class exceeded my expectation, each one was filled with so much information, I am amazed at your knowledge on each subject, this was amazing, gave me a broader vision ( no pun intended) who knew there even was such a thing as seeing through a chakra – I am still taking it all in.”

Marilyn Meaney

The best course, bar none, that I have ever taken

“I like to learn, I read all the time, I do practices, take classes, courses, and programs. I’m a PhD and have been a spiritual seeker for most of my life. This chakra course is the best course, bar none, that I have ever taken. Maybe the best thing I have ever done for myself.”

Rebecca Stevens

I absolutely loved this program

“I absolutely loved this program. Unlike other programs that promise joy and passion sometime in the future if you just trust and follow it to a T, this program allowed you to feel how it is to have joy and passion right now.”

Gro Helen Storedal

What’s Holding You Back from Healing?

What is holding you back from creating instant healing, optimal health, piles of abundance, and so much love and intimacy you melt?

Invisible energy blocks hidden within you that you may not even know exist.

Countless people are suffering in constant pain, or feel lost in the world and they aren’t getting any better. In fact they are only getting worse. Modern medicine is overmedicating and over charging at an alarming level creating a dependency on big pharma and that may be making us sicker not better as a society and is covering up the real solution.

The truth you are not told growing up is that you have just as complex an energy system within you as you do a physical system.

Just like you have physical organs you have energetic organs called chakras.

Your chakra health directly affects your physical health more than you know.  Your level of feeling sick, stuck, empty and frustrated, or fulfilled and happy lies in these centers within you not out in the world.

Energy is affected by both positive and negative energy, a toxic energy environment is just as deadly as poison to the body.

Painful and traumatic events from childhood, that have healed in the body, are often still held in the energy body and can still be holding you back 40 years later without your awareness.

We all know we need to detox our bodies when they get sick, but most people have no idea how to detox their energy field.

Rhys Thomas teaches you a powerful step by step system to a sustainable solution that actually heals you from the inside out, and is 100% free. In fact, he will show you that this natural healing power is your birthright.

In this 30 day training you will learn energy mastery techniques to free your chakras, reclaim your vitalityunleash your power, opening your heart, expand your creativity, and up-leveling your vision for your life.

The Fastest, Easiest Path to Awakening Your Body’s Healing Potential

Rhys Thomas’ 30 Days to Self-Healing Through The Chakras program guides you through arguably the most complete, accessible, and transformational energy healing framework available today. What he calls 4D Healing.

Medicine and alternative healing methods have become so specialized and fragmented, that they lost the ability to integrate your body, mind, heart and spirit, which is the one thing that must happen to fully heal anything. 

Rhys simplifies what can seem so complicated into 4 easy to understand dimensions of being and consciousness

Level 1:  Your Body and Mind – Medicine specializes in the body and the mind, but does not understand the energy field

Level 2: Your 7 Chakras and Meridians – Healing is focused on chakras and meridians, but does not understand the underlying purpose within a person

Level 3: Your Spiritual Gravity Line and of life purpose contractsLife and Business Coaching and Law of attraction work focus on your purpose in the world but are outwardly driven for success – and not in touch with it soul origins

Level 4: The Soul and Pure Consciousness –  Spiritualty and meditation focuses on the divine and the soul more as an escape from the chaotic world rather than the ability to thrive in it at the lower 3 levels

Rhys’ 4 Dimensional Healing system- is the integration of all 4.  Rhys has found the missing piece that was lost thousands of years ago which integrates all 4 systems seamlessly allowing you to create a truly extraordinary life of health, love and wellbeing.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!


Rhys is a renowned healer whose gifts have transformed the lives of thousands of people world wide. Rhys sits on the board of the National Alliance for Energy Healing Practitioners comprised of the top healing schools in the world and the top scientist and doctors studying the efficacy of alternative energy and subtle body healing modalities. His deepest realization is that it will not be one of these areas that change the world but an alchemy of all of them.

This 30 day training is the integrations of hundreds of ancient and modern healing modalities gelled down to the essential steps you need to not only heal but come into alignment with your deepest soul purpose he calls 4D healing. 

His one goal by creating this healing program, is the intention to reconnect even more people with the natural healing abilities that exist within each of us in an affordable and easily achieved method.

What makes Rhys’ approach to energy healing and life purpose so different than anything else out there is his easy-to-follow daily approach that take minutes a day, which empowers you to take charge of all of your physical, energetic and spiritual system within you – and teach them to work together to create deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Rhys Thomas was born with a gift. That gift is the ability to see a person’s soul purpose – the invisible hand guiding and animating all of life, within and all around you, and creating the individual laws of attraction that present you with all your gifts and challenges in life. 

While there are some people who can simply see Chakras and energetic hot spots for healing work, and some can read off the akashic record psychically, Rhys has been gifted with an ancient healing and transformational vision of the energetic DNA within each of us that creates the gravitational force field known as the tree of life, or the torus field at the heart of every human being that holds the actual reason you were created. I layman’s terms, he sees your life purpose not as a job or what you do, but as an energetic signature that connects you to a greater universal sense of purpose in humanity.

However, when Rhys was young he just thought his visions and dreams and mystical experiences were just strange and hid them to fit in and appear “normal.”  But normal just was not in the cards for Rhys because what he realized in his 30’s is what they don’t tell you is that being normal is only half a life. Half your energy.  Half your joy.

Rhys hit a wall at 39 where he was a success by every normal measure – a tennis professional, a successful entrepreneur, a second degree black belt, a public speaker, and family man, but struggle within himself quietly with feeling empty inside like there was something missing.

This lead him to attend a rare 4 year energy medicine school, where he realized that he wasn’t living his authentic truth but what the society wanted for him.  And once this awoke within him he could see how many people in the world are lost in similar unfulfilling patterns for no good reason.

And now over the last 20 years he has been exploring and creating a wholly new spiritual reality and vision that has helped thousands breath the societal trance and ultimately aligned with their soul’s energy and truth.

Today Rhys is shifting from the classroom to an on line presence, where he is sharing this ancient wisdom of the soul with people worldwide, with the goal of increasing global consciousness and love.

Trainer Credentials

Founder of Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Healing

Author of the international best-selling book Discover Your Purpose.

Created the 4 Dimensional Healing System

Rhys has been training people in an energy based approach to attain their highest potential for 20 years

Instructed over 9,000 students in the art of healing, transformation and empowerment

Worked with professional athletes and high performers for 25 years

Attained a Second Degree Blackbelt in martial arts and mastery of subtle, Chi energy

As seen on:

Stories From The Masterclass

Not only were you generous with information but with your kindness.

“The generosity of information. In every thing you guys offered you could feel that you wanted to give us the deepest experience possible. Not only were you generous with information but with your kindness. Even on the Facebook Page you created such a welcoming, encouraging atmosphere.”

Kristen Engelman

Rhys is the real deal

“Rhys is the real deal and brings his heart, passion and knowledge. It’s very contagious!! I have wanted to know why I am here for a long time… much as I would have loved Rhys to tell me why; what I loved was that he gave me the tools….”

Mary Lynn

Rhys really took a deep dive on the topic.

“In this class Rhys really took a deep dive on the topic. Each class was well organized and thorough.

I really appreciated the technology used to enable students to watch the class anytime and from anywhere. The dashboard was super user friendly and I love that there was even a Facebook Group where I could go to interface with other students and get additional support as needed. Rhys knocked it out of the park on this one. I would highly recommend this class.”

Amy Spinelli


1. Discover A New Way To Heal:

Learn a simple yet advanced and profound daily system of awakening your chakras centers not only to energize your life but to access healing wisdom and guidance from the highest vibrational realms of creation within you.

2. Transform Your Health & Wellbeing:

Discover how to communicate with the 7 brains in your body, and intuitively understand its needs – so you can elevate your overall health, and look and feel better than ever.

3. Reconnect With Your Energy Body:

Go beyond your physical body to become more energy than matter. Explore your energetic systems and patterns, and reconnect with the pure essence of who you are as a unique individual.

4. Strengthen Your Immunity:

Harness your energetic immune system to be fearless in life and know that you are capable of handling any challenge you are called to experience in your body, mind, life and spirit.

5. Release Blocks to Your Energy:

Learn how to detect and release energetic blocks, originating in old wounds and traumas, that over time subconsciously drain you of energy, and leave you triggered, stressed and anxious, so you have a tool rapidly recover and return to optimal health.

6. Align your chakras with your deeper soul purpose:

Realizing that your chakra system serves one master soul purpose, allows you to see all the dimensions of your life, not pulling you in different directions, but unifying your passion and purpose in each moment.

7. Live Longer & Better:

By amplifying your energetic vibrancy and removing your energetic blocks and stress triggers, you’re setting yourself up for a longer healthier lifespan, filled with vitality and wellness, healing faster and experiencing more joy and playfulness in every area of your life.

One Of The Most Comprehensive Energy Healing Blue Prints

Rhys Thomas was born with a gift. That gift is the rare ability to see the energy fields 4 dimensions that when in balance create a potential that is more than the sum of the parts…


full body integration

Auric balance

touching the divine

soul support group

spiritual gravity

I loved the daily contact

“Thanks Rhys for sharing so much of you! A new Rhys every single day! And I loved the (ever changing) tshirts!…The biggest benefit I got from the 30 day course is more energy, inner peace and self love…I loved the daily contact – having a new lesson/ video for each day and the active support on the Facebook group.”

Wendi T

I feel more alive than I can remember

“I feel more alive than I can remember. Colors are brighter, more vivid. I am more in love with my wife than ever before… I am inspired to live a spiritual life. I have been on that quest all my life and from time to time have gotten off the path… I want to use the rest of my life to fulfill my purpose on earth.”

David H

This training totally opened my eyes

“I am an empath, and this training totally opened my eyes to what it is that I have been feeling in me and in other people… I love your energy, thank you.”

Amy L

The Transformation You Will Have

What Your Life Looks Like After This 30 Day Masterclass!


You Will Have The Energy Tools To Live An Extraordinary Life

By learning the secret purpose of your chakras, you will have easy to use, quick practices that optimize energize flow in your body and create natural motivation giving you the freedom to achieve goals in any part of your life.


You Will Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Being deeply in touch with all 7 of your chakra voices, guidance, and rhythms that are connected directly to the universals field of energy all around you allowing you to make better lifestyle choices, know what food and relationships truly nurture your soul, and feel the subtle shifts that tell you when to push beyond current limits, and when to pay attention to potential health crises and give yourself the TLC you need.


You Will Feel Aligned With a Grounded Sense Of Purpose

Have a daily sense of purpose gives you confidence to take action on your dreams knowing that there is no tomorrow, now is your opportunity to live at your highest level.


You Will Have Access To An Inner Soul Map of Your Creation

You have found that the roadmap for life was written before you were born and is felt not thought. Your inner self discovery now lets you see beyond what seemed like an impossible obstacle to a greater sense of your power.


You Will Live The Secrets To Self-Mastery

A woman asked a man on the street, “What is the fastest way to get to Carnegie Hall,” the man holding violin case said, “practice.” You now know the skills masters use. Practice is all that is left. When you know the difference between thoughts and emotions created by the mind, and thoughts and emotions created by the soul, and choose soul emotions, you are the master.


You Will Look & Feel Fantastic!

People who know you will stop you on the street and ask you what you have been doing to look so good, have such a great attitude and seem to have an inner smile going all the time. You can tell them about the 30 days, or you can wink and just say, “Good living!”

100% money back, no questions


Explore the 30 Day to Self Healing through the Chakras Curriculum

The 30 Day to self healing through the chakras is a transformational journey towards awakening your body’s natural healing ability.

With Rhys Thomas as your guide, you’ll discover how to master your body’s energy systems, free energetic blocks, and align yourself with your soul’s purpose in just 4 weeks. 

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone

Included in the curriculum is…

The 30 Days to Self-Healing Through The Chakras program is a transformational journey towards awakening your body’s extraordinary gifts and natural healing ability.

With Rhys Thomas as your guide, you’ll discover how to master your body’s energy systems, correct energetic blocks and weaknesses, and align with your deepest sense of purpose – even if you’ve never meditated or done any energy work before in your life.

Included in the curriculum is a set of 30 short and easy to understand and follow video lessons delivered daily, Q&As with Rhys, Facebook lives, plus 50+ unique energetic practices, meditations and tools that you will want to use for the rest of your life.  This program is the deepest work you will have the time of your life completing and only take minutes a day.

DAY 1: Starting the Journey of Self-Healing Through the Chakras

You’ll enter the oasis of energy and love that will hold you each morning for the next 30 days.  Day 1 will get you ready for this journey by realizing that there are 7 distinct voices, visions, feelings and knowing’s that flow through your energy field every day, often without you even noticing them, that are there to heal you and align you with your deepest soul purpose and potential.  Not paying attention to them leave you stuck in old patterns that keep you feeling empty an overworked. Connecting with them daily open doorways to opportunities that are right in front of you that without these practices level you never see.

Rhys will share the importance of working with chakras or your physical, psychological, and spiritual health and having a grounded sense of self and purpose in life. 

Emotional and physical traumas from your past that you may not even remember can become lodged in specific chakras and block healthy flow and the joy of living. You will be learning in 30 days a step by step system to clear those blocks, recharge your body, and have practical easy to use tools to invigorate your life throughout the day.  program a 4 Dimensional

Highlights include:

  • How all healing is self healing that begins in the chakras
  • How more attention to your energy plays an essential role in your wellbeing
  • Setting a goal for the 30 days
  • How to use crystal bowls or accelerate your energetic evolution
  • How to use short easy meditations and visualizations to optimize your chakras
  • Physical, psychological, and spiritual functions of the chakras.
  • How 4D Healing is the missing link in all healing and personal growth
  • Simple energy practices to clear and recharge the chakras energies of each chakra and align with the 3rd and 4th dimension of healing

Energy practices to open you energy field to its divine wisdom:

  • Shaking the wrinkles out of your energy body  
  • Connect to universal energy with the infinity loop.
  • Connect Heaven and Earth through your heart.
  • Spin each chakra and feel the electromagnetic energy.

In this session, you will work with the Chakra system to clear deep energetic blocks, release the past, and open your way to a renewed future.

DAYS 2-5: Chakra 1 - The beauty and wisdom of your grounded reality

Your body and place in the world are miracles in need of discovery.  In order to experience your first chakra, you must feel at home in the world, have primal trust, and have a sense that wherever you are is literally the best place you could possibly be.

Over the four, Chakra 1 days, Rhys will bring all your attention to the energy center at the base of your spine running down the outside of your legs and into the core of the Earth.  You will awaken the mind, memories and wisdom of the first chakra.  Through crystal bowl tones, simple yet profound visualization meditations and energy practices, you will become aware of the manifesting force within you.  You will realize the power of attention to your inner world in the creation process.  You will awaken your grounded intuition that will tell you that you have every right to a fantastic life, a rewarding career, amazing health, and longevity. You just need to tap it!

Highlights Include:

  • Opening to a totally new world that is here to serve you
  • Learn chakra 1 exercise to fully embody your soul joyfully
  • See how your body type is perfectly suited to what you’re here to do in the world
  • See how your first chakra supports your 30 day goal
  • Learn to put your attention on the manifesting machine within you
  • Study the physical, psychological, and spiritual functions of chakra 1
  • Find the one biggest block in chakra 1 and the way to free yourself from it forever
  • Learn how to use your personal library of Crystal Bowl tones to a-tune to a higher level of being
  • Harness the power of family and tribe to support your life mission
  • Activate your inner psychic (Clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance) that lets you take your place in the world of people

Exercises for the Week:

  • Heel Stomping: to anchor your energy here and now
  • Sumo Stomp: to be unmovable in your power and presence
  • Developing your “YES” and “NO” that you feel in every cell of your body
  • Plyometrics reaching for the sky to open the flow from Earth to Heaven
  • Creating the roots of the Tree of Life from the core of the planet into your pelvis
  • Use the morning and evening meditation bonus audio to line up your chakras to achieve your highest potential each day and review your success before bed
  • The best daily exercise ritual for overall health and vitality
  • Bonus challenges each day to bring chakra one into your daily life routines

DAYS 6-9: Chakra 2 - Living a Passionate and Sensational life

To know who you are you must feel who you are.  To dive into the waters of the second chakra to divine its purpose in your system is to “feel” how it connects you to your world through your senses, sensations and desires in all the chakras.

Over the four, Chakra 2 days, Rhys will bring all your attention to the energy center in your pelvis and running down the inside of your legs and giving your whole body and every cell in you the ability to feel what feeds it and what does not.  Through crystal bowl tone meditations and energy practices you will free yourself of emotional trauma and open a new level of connection with the world and people in it. 

By liberating your second chakra your realize where you intuitive awareness, clairsentient senses, clairaudient voice, clairvoyant vision, and the claircognizant knowing comes from.  By following the guidance of your second chakra, you’ll experience fulfillment, freedom, and passion.

Chakra 2 Highlights Include:

  • Opening your senses to see and feel all of our energy field and the world of chakras you are actually swimming in
  • Learn second chakra practices to open your ability to receive more abundance
  • 4 short chakra 2 meditations to optimize energy
  • Understand the difference between a daily emotion what a soul emotion
  • Master your emotions to harness the energy that creates a good life.
  • Realize that the universe creates life on emotional energy
  • Let your level of sensitivity empower you, not overwhelm you
  • See how your second chakra gives you the passion and energy for your 30 day goal
  • Find the physical, psychological, and spiritual powers of chakra 2
  • Find and heal the biggest block in chakra 2, numbing your true feelings
  • Use your personal library of Crystal Bowl tones (bonus) to a-tune to a higher level of sensation and guidance

Exercises for the week:

  • Access the liquid light energy flowing in every cell of your body
  • Hip openers and belly dance hips
  • Body talk exercise to know what you truly want
  • Create a Feeling journal
  • Share you experiences on the private Facebook group
  • Pelvic breathing to flow in life
  • Feeling the power spots in your house
  • Working with tree energy to free up your need for control
  • 5 Bonus challenges each to bring chakra two into your daily life routines

DAYS 10-13: Chakra 3 - The power to stand out and make a difference

The third chakra is your outgoing force that expresses your innermost truth, that is unique to only you.  It’s the quality within you that has the power to act and use your willpower to not only get what you want in life, but experience inner peace, stand out and make a difference in the world, become your own healer, and aligning your actions with your soul’s purpose not the ego.

Over the four, Chakra 3 days, Rhys will focus your attention into your solar plexus and shining light within you that you and you alone shine. In chakra 3 you discover your unique gifts and realize that the gift you bring to the world is you. Through crystal bowl tone meditations and energy practices you will feel what it means to have effortless power and enthusiasm for life again.

Chakra 3 Highlights Include:

  • See your life as a hero’s journey to empowerment
  • Learn third chakra practices to awaken your unique talents and gifts
  • 4 short chakra 3 meditations to shine in the world like the sun
  • Master your life direction through simple daily energy practices and rituals
  • Take back the power from those you have given it to in your past to live an extraordinary present
  • Find and heal the biggest block in chakra 3, procrastination
  • Take the action you need to on you 30 day goal
  • Find the physical, psychological, and spiritual powers of chakra 3
  • Use your personal library of Crystal Bowl tones (bonus) realize what effortless power feels like to you

Exercises for the Week:

  • Chi-up martial arts punching practice
  • Creating a healing ball of energy
  • Jumping into your power chakra 3 opener
  • Fire breath to build the power to act
  • Share you experiences on the private Facebook group
  • Surrender no surrender exercise to
  • Mixing and crossing energy magical pass
  • Cross country skiing to balance the right and left hemispheres
  • Arenal tapping magical pass to free yourself of fear
  • Rolling energy magical pass to open to the quantum field

5 Bonus challenges each day to bring chakra two into your daily life routines

DAYS 14-17: Chakra 4 - The radiating heart of love

Your heart is the door to your soul. In your fourth chakra, you learn that love is not something you do — it’s something you are. Something you share freely with everyone you encounter.

Whether your heart’s desire is to find quiet solace in your own company, to find a soulmate to share your life with, or to find playmates who are as crazy as you are… your healthy heart chakra can lead the way to attracting all that and much more.

Your 4th chakra is what catapults you beyond the individual needs of the lower 3 chakras to an awareness of your place in the hearts of others and their place in yours.  It houses your ability to find a loving balance within yourself and in all your relationships. 

Over the four, Chakra 4 days, Rhys will bring your attention fully into your heart and it power to bring balance and love to your life and the world.

Chakra 4 Highlights Include:

  • Open to your inner child that resides in your heart
  • 4 short chakra 4 meditations to open your heart to feel love, see love everywhere, how to heal a broken heart and how to open the heart door to the soul.
  • Develop practices which open you to see yourself as surrounded by love and worthy of giving and receiving it
  • Learn what a soulmate is and how you attract them
  • Recover from heart break and patterns of holding back in the heart
  • Find and heal the biggest block in chakra 4, trust
  • Find the physical, psychological, and spiritual powers of chakra 4
  • Shift from giving love to radiating love to access an infinite well of love within you

Exercises for the Week:

  • Learn the 3 most powerful spiritual breathing techniques to open the heart and charge your meditations
  • The heart spin let you open your heart before doing healing work
  • Feeling the universal heart beat
  • Infinity breath sacred pass
  • Heart spiral healing meditation
  • Heart and chest opening practices
  • Energetically clear yourself of others energy
  • Powerful heart and healing prayer
  • 5 Bonus challenges each day to bring chakra two into your daily life routines

DAYS 18-21: Chakra 5 - Being a conscious creator with your words

In this segment your will learn that the fifth chakra is the center of conscious creative self-expression. Your ability to share your unique perspective and plant ideas in the minds of other people allows you to be a world changer if you choose to be.    

Your power to speak your “heart's truth” and intentions in your words, and then that love within your words give you the same power all leaders wield,  the power to create miracles in the world.

When you unify all your inner voices into a beautiful symphony of your inner truth, that creates outwardly in the world that which you’re awakening to internally. What you say, you become. When speak your unfiltered truth emerges from within you, you master communication and inspire others with your honesty.

Chakra 5 Highlights Include:

  • Finding your hearts truth, you were born to speak, and speak it!
  • Learn fifth chakra chanting and mantra practices
  • 4 short chakra 5 meditations to bring you into greater resonance with the world around you
  • Answer the question why have I always had the voice I have and what is it I am always trying to say?
  • Realize that the voice in your head is not coming from your head
  • Practice Speak with more passion and enthusiasm about your 30 day goal
  • Learn to Come into resonance with what’s really being said — so you can let the world and others give you deeper clarity and vision for your life.
  • Find and heal the biggest block in chakra 5, fear of rejection
  • Use your personal library of Crystal Bowl tones (bonus) to a-tune to a higher level of vibration

Exercises for the week:

  • Temporomandibular joint massage to open years of holding back truth
  • Vocal toning to connect with all of your energy body
  • Chanting with the crystal bowls
  • Sing in the shower
  • Tell your success story, or your hero’s journey to the Facebook group, with video!
  • Neck openers
  • Using your mobile device to see what tone you speak in
  • Sacred words you speak
  • How to pray
  • 5 Bonus challenges each to bring chakra two into your daily life routines

DAYS 22-25: Chakra 6 - Seeing the Miracle of life

In these 4 days Rhys will show you how your sixth chakra is the domain of your vision for your life.  It is a creative dream machine where you bend the light of  . It can create a dream of heaven by putting its vision on your highest potential, or it can create a dream of hell by being in a constant self-rejecting drama of being triggered by you own thoughts.

Learning the skill of assimilating all the voices and wisdom of the other chakras that run into one coherent thought is the highest mastery skill and breaks the endless loop of thinking in yourself in circles.   

Your conscious can see the big picture of how you fit into the world, your place in it and what you are here to share outwardly doing your part to evolve humanity to a new level of awareness.

Chakra 6 Highlights Include:

  • Shift from thinking through past traumas to having a true vision for your life
  • Liberate your unique psychic gifts and dreams
  • Open your symbolic and archetypal vision
  • 4 short chakra 6 meditations to download wisdom from the highest forms of light
  • Answer the question why do it have the kind of brain and mind I have and what one thing am I here to do with it
  • Realize that when you learn to you see everything through the lens of your chakras, everything is a chakra
  • Get crystal clear on the path you will take to achieve your 30 day goal
  • Learn how you use light to create times and space and how you can slow it down like you are a child again
  • Find and heal the biggest block in chakra 6, over thinking
  • Use your personal library of Crystal Bowl tones (bonus) to awaken your brilliant mind

Exercises for the Week:

  • Window of intention- creating a gateway to the divine
  • Unlocking your eyes- to “see” not look
  • Creating a dream journal- what you dream at night may be more important to your soul that what you dream during the day
  • Meditate on all the 7 chakra colors to see which one are on your creative pallet
  • Bowing to open chakra 6
  • See the world as it is, not as you are- changing the filter
  • Use divination and archetype cards to connect with the symbolic
  • Awakening the 3rd eye
  • 5 Bonus challenges each to bring chakra two into your daily life routines

DAYS 26-29: Chakra 7 - Your doorway to the divine

The seventh chakra is the doorway to the divine.  The doorway to your freedom.  When it opens, you will experience life, yourself and the universe as a divine expression of the creator that is within and all around you.  You open to infinite possibility in every moment and lose your fear of change as you see everything is changing constantly for the better. In chakra 7 your imagination expands, you learn constantly and you love the mystery of life and your unique ability to give it meaning that is important to you.

Changing your life is as easy as changing your mind. The seventh chakra is where you open the door to direct access to your spiritual- and soul-level wisdom.

Chakra 7 Highlights Include:

  • Open the door to direct access to your spiritual- and soul-level wisdom
  • Move from the sunlight light that illuminates your world, to the soul light that creates your world
  • 4 short chakra 7 meditations to connect with the divine
  • Answer the question, how can I create a deeper connection with my divine nature
  • Learn to expect, create and see miracles in your life
  • Understand the simplicity of enlightenment and live it every day
  • Complete your 30 day goal
  • Become the mystical artist of your life like van Gogh, DaVinci, and Renoir
  • Find and heal the biggest block in chakra 7, attachment to how things should be
  • Use your personal library of Crystal Bowl tones (bonus) to connect to the divine light within you

Exercises for the Week:

  • Doorway to the divine creating a gateway to the divine
  • Crown chakra openers
  • The voices in your head- releasing old critical family voices, replacing them with your voice the voice of our loving guides
  • Silent empty space meditation- feeling the power of the dark energy and matter of space
  • The 5 solution meditation to eliminate stuck from your vocabulary
  • Future meditation- creating the future your dream of
  • Meet your guides meditation
  • Pyramid meditation- access the ancient wisdom and power of the pyramids
  • 5 Bonus challenges each to bring chakra two into your daily life routines

DAY 30: 30 days to self-healing through the chakras wrap-up- Creating a super habit

On day 30 you celebrate your brand new energy body you have created in the last 30 days.  This program creates a new super habit of putting more attention on your chakras and how they flow together, communicate and guide you and awaken you to your greatest gifts and deepest purpose in life.

Doing daily spiritual work like this opens your body and chakras, releases old body and mind patterns at levels 1 and 2 to a source of infinite energy and wisdom at your soul purpose 3 and 4 In that higher state of being you can live a more vibrant and healthy life, have a real sense of your true potential, are able to love deeper, heal faster and thrive even in hard times. 

Day 30 is dedicated to giving you a full review of what you accomplished, how you can use this powerful program as a resource for years to come.  And if this opened a door for you and you want to see how deep it can go, Rhys will share with you a number of ways to keep expanding your new vision of yourself.

Day 30 Highlights Include:

  • Lifetime access to this course, so you can re-watch the videos, do the ritual exercises, and hone your chakra skills again and again.
  • Expand the short guided meditations to 30 minutes.
  • Use the Morning and Evening meditations (bonus) and the Creator meditations (bonus) to keep building your creative spiritual muscles.
  • Continue to journal,
  • Use the crystal bowl tone downloads regularly. They are the fast track to learning the language of your chakras.
  • Keep posting your progress, healings, and awakenings on the Facebook page — you’ll continue to have access to it!


30 Days of Bite-Sized Audio and Video Sessions for Each of the Seven Chakras

You will receive the link to watch and download the video or the audio MP3 replay for each of the daily transformational sessions.

VALUE $997

Crystal Bowl Meditations

Each tone opens one level of your energy field; the ones that stand out are guiding you to see where to focus your energies that day. Learning to listen to your body through the use of the crystal bowls can lead to greater intuition and wisdom in your daily life.

VALUE $700


Get exclusive access to the private Facebook group with Rhys and staff!

VALUE $400

6 Month Deep Dive Mastermind Q&A Calls with Rhys

VALUE $600

2X Monthly Facebook Lives with Rhys

VALUE $400



($499 value)

When you choose to not miss out on this limited time offer and save $700 of the regular price you will also get one (2) tickets to attend the Global LIVE Virtual Awaken To Your Soul Calling event next year.

This is great because you’ll now have a TWO free tickets to the event. Bring your partner, spouse, friend, or anyone you think who can benefit from this extraordinary energy work.


These bonuses support you in going even deeper into the course — and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


The 12 Gateways to Your Life Purpose Ebook

($50 value)

This 150-page e-book is the foundational teaching around chakras and the energy field used in the Rhys Thomas Institute. Rhys’ chakra work is cutting edge and integrates both ancient and current scientific and sound healing techniques.

Take a new look at the seven primary chakras and be introduced to the five spiritual centers that hold the core energy and contracts for your higher purpose in life.


Daily Meditation Crystal Bowl Audio Meditation

($20 value)

The two Daily Meditations are a powerful way to start and finish your day.

The morning meditation “Awakening your Divine Creative force,” which energizes each of your chakra centers to attract and create new levels of success, health and fulfillment throughout the day.

The nighttime meditation “Capture the Gold of the day” which gives you a powerful daily review, letting you have a deep appreciation for what you have been given, and understanding of what did not serve you and letting go of the day is such a way that it prepares you for a deep sleep and dreams that will then enhance your success the next day.


Heart Healing for Self Love
Crystal Bowl Audio Recording

($15 value)

This crystal bowl audio is blended with voices of healers to take you on a healing journey that will awaken your heart and bring it back into its rightful place as balancer and healing agent in the chakra system.

In full-spectrum healing, a healer shifts their energy field to vibrate at specific chakra frequencies to address certain imbalances.

In this audio, the tones and vibrations create an energetic pattern of healing that helps energize and balance the heart with all the other chakras. Just put the recording on, lay back, and feel your body being emotionally healed and the result is a deep sense of inner peace.


Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles Quick Test

($99 value)

You’ll receive this new Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles Quick Test which is absolutely free along with your registration for the course.

The purpose of this profile assessment is to help you uncover which of the 5 Life Purpose Profiles is operating most strongly in your life. This will be an important piece of the puzzle as we will talk about your chakras and what they are here to connect with in life.

(Hint: it will have something to do with your purpose!)


Being a Creator Crystal Bowl Meditation

($20 value)

This powerful audio meditation can change your life in one session.

Rhys uses uplifting crystal bowl music and guides you to integrate the energy of the soul with your emotional desire… the result? Ability to manifest your dream in a blink of an eye.

The Creator Meditation is a journey into the field of infinite possibility. Let the miracles happen


Harnessing the Creative Force of the Heart Crystal Bowl Meditation

($20 value)

The Harnessing the Creative Force of the Heart Meditation, is an advanced version of the creator meditation.

In it you’re directed on how to connect your heart chakra deep into the quantum field of infinite possibility to enhancing the quality and depth of the love and relationships you want to create in the world.


VALUE $4116

Just $997

or 2 easy payments of $525 each

What you get:


The complete 30 day to Self-Healing Through the Chakras to awaken your body’s natural healing abilities, release old patterns and open to your deepest soul purpose $997 value


30 days of coaching with Rhys Thomas founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of energy healing


Easy daily lessons & mentorship for mastering your body’s energetic systems for healing.



BONUS: Crystal bowl library of tone to attune your energy body to higher frequencies of energy
BONUS: Private Facebook group and with direct feedback from Rhys and team

BONUS: Monthly Q&A calls with Rhys


BONUS: Facebook lives with Rhys


BONUS: Morning and Evening Meditation and Being a Creator Meditation MP3

BONUS: Life Purpose Profile quick test to see what personality type you are
Lifetime Access to the Entire Program and all Bonuses
Desktop Version, iPad app and Apple TV
Lifetime Access to the Facebook Online Student Community

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

If you are not 100% satisfied with “SELF-HEALING THROUGH THE CHAKRAS with Rhys Thomas — or you feel like it doesn’t meet your needs — please contact our friendly Support Team within 90 days and we’ll happily issue you a refund.

Lifetime Access

Join once, own it for life and repeat as often as you want!



When the program upgrades, so do you!



In a few weeks you will feel and see remarkable growth!



Hundreds of students share and grow through the private Facebook page and get direct guidance from Rhys and his amazing staff! You’re never alone… and you might even meet a close friend or two!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

30 Day to Self-Healing Through the Chakras is a comprehensive program designed to help you master your bodies subtle energies to live a more vibrant and vital life.

You’ll receive some of Rhys Thomas’s best energy healing tools and resources.

The 30 day curriculum is packed with over 50+ tools for your transformation that will release old patterns and create super habit in your life.  All you have to do is invest about 20- 30 minutes each day to practice them.

Once you finish the 8-week training, you can either continue your education with Rhys Thomas through his institute or practice with the existing tools to perfect their use.

I’m currently suffering from an illness, will this program help?

30 Days to Self-Healing Through the Chakras is designed to reconnect you with your body’s natural healing ability. But everyone is different: and just like any course of healing, we cannot guarantee any specific results upon using the program.

That said, countless people suffering from a variety of illnesses have used the same techniques in this program to successfully build back their vibrancy and health. 

Is this program a replacement to normal medical treatment?

No.  Energy healing techniques and practices are spiritually based and are designed to complement not replace regular medical treatment.

We recommend consulting your doctor before making any changes to your medical treatment routine.

Do I need any energy healing experience?

No experience is needed. Rhys Thomas has designed this program for maximum ease of use, even if you’ve never practiced energy healing in your life or if you have been doing energy and meditation for 20 years.

If you’re an experienced practitioner, you’ll find countless new insights and tools to improve your practice.

Can I complete the program at my own pace?

Yes.  The 30 day program is designed for optimal super-habit forming by constant daily attention to your energy body for 30 days. 

But if your current work schedule or life do not allow for that, it is fine to set your own schedule. 

Or if you find you want to repeat days before moving on that is fine as well. 

This program is yours for lifetime, we hope you will use it many times in the way you need.  Doing the program all the way through once will give you the maximum benefit and understanding of its power.

Do I have to do the lessons at the same time every day?

While we do believe that practicing anything at the same time every day helps in instilling a habit, especially when you’re learning a new skill, it is NOT necessary.

Although we do recommend it, we understand that life can sometimes throw you a curveball and you may not be able to do the lesson as you originally planned.

And so it’s perfectly fine if you need to do the lessons at different times, or even miss some days and catch up later. What’s important is that you stay as consistent as you can, and follow the entire process from start to finish, at your own pace.

What happens after the 30 days?

This program is yours for lifetime, we hope you will use it many times in the way you need.

Doing the program all the way through once will give you the maximum benefit and understanding of its power.

What People Say

How did I miss this my whole life…

“I’m 60 years young and have struggled with finding my real purpose… It makes so much sense that “what you heal in yourself is what you can heal in others”… how did I miss this my whole life… I can’t wait to get started healing through my chakras.”

Sheryl P

I will use the 5 steps process you gave me, thank you!

“Wow Rhys! I love the idea that I can see and hear and think through each chakra… now I understand why I have such a hard time making decisions, I have blocks in my chakras… I will use the 5 steps process you gave me, thank you!”

Stephanie R

So much to love…

“So much to love… Healings, bowls, videos, practices… were all at the top for me. Healing meditations with the crystal bowl tones we get in the course enable me to go inside – breathe deeply, cool my brain – let go – so I can be in the moment. Rhys’ daily videos provide a broad foundation of knowledge, and helped me explain everything I am experiencing, plus provide a caring human being (Rhys) for us to connect with.”

Lisa L

I have a lot more confidence, I know what I want and what it feels like

“I loved the daily support and focus each day. It also allowed me to see who I am, what I truly want in relationship, where I had limiting beliefs or where I held back in regards to finding a true partner. I have a lot more confidence, I know what I want and what it feels like, and can put that out into the world now.”

Ute V

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VALUE $4116

Just $997

or 2 easy payments of $525 each

What you get:


The complete 30 day to Self-Healing Through the Chakras to awaken your body’s natural healing abilities, release old patterns and open to your deepest soul purpose


30 days of coaching with Rhys Thomas founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of energy healing


Easy daily lessons & mentorship for mastering your body’s energetic systems for healing.



BONUS: Crystal bowl library of tone to attune your energy body to higher frequencies of energy
BONUS: Private Facebook group and with direct feedback from Rhys and team

BONUS: Monthly Q&A calls with Rhys


BONUS: Facebook lives with Rhys


BONUS: Morning and Evening Meditation and Being a Creator Meditation MP3

BONUS: Life Purpose Profile quick test to see what personality type you are
Lifetime Access to the Entire Program and all Bonuses
Desktop Version, iPad app and Apple TV
Lifetime Access to the Facebook Online Student Community

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

If you are not 100% satisfied with “SELF-HEALING THROUGH THE CHAKRAS with Rhys Thomas — or you feel like it doesn’t meet your needs — please contact our friendly Support Team within 90 days and we’ll happily issue you a refund.

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