This class is for anyone looking to unlock their natural healing potential and live an empowered vibrant life! 

4 Secrets to Self Healing

Free 60-Minute Online Class To Liberate You From What Blocks The Healing Forces Within You

The 4D Healing System

Rhys’ discovered there are 4 levels of energy and creative power located within us. Most people just use level 1, the body and mind, or level 2, the chakras energy centers, which are 20% of your potential. However, 80% of our human potential lies in levels 3 and 4! This has been the best kept secret until now!

A Time-Tested Method

Over the last 20 years Rhys Thomas has taught thousands of people to unlock their healing potential through his Energy Healing School in Boston, and his best-selling book, Discover Your Purpose. When all 4 levels of your creative power are well trained, in an energetic blueprint, we are able to accelerate the healing process tenfold.

You Can Heal Yourself

You don’t need “special powers” to heal into your highest potential. Rhys will show you that all healing is Self-Healing and with a simple yet powerful 4 Step System. In this 1 hour virtual training, you can access YOUR healing powers, from the inside out.

You might know me from…

Align your Life, your Message, and your Vision with your deepest soul purpose!


Learn a powerful 4 Step System to begin healing from the inside out


Make this the year of breakthroughs instead of a year of breakdowns.


Activate your highest potential and live a more impactful life of contribution and joy!


Integrate the 4 Dimensions of your creative power to live with more joy, more passion and a greater sense of mission.


Learn how to release feelings of being lost and unfulfilled, with re-commitment to life.


Create a future of your choosing.


Explore ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science to liberate yourself and have FREEDOM in your life!


Optimize your chakras to heal your past traumas and thrive – even in a turbulent world


Uncover your unique gifts and talents that bring you greater abundance.


Increase your energy and vitality to find inner peace in a turbulent world.

AND if you stay till the end of the training – you will get a free gift from me to kickstart your empowerment!


What is the 4D Healing System?

What if there was a fundamentally different approach to healing, success and life mastery?

What if you could create a blueprint for your life that is fully in alignment with your unique soul’s code and is filled with joy, passion and a deeper kind of success?

I have been in the world of energy-healing, as a human performance and potential coach, for well over 30 years now. I have discovered that there are 4 levels of energy and creative power within all of us.

Most people just use level one, the body and mind, more are starting to use level two, the chakras energy channels, but there are only a tiny percentage of people in the world currently tapping into, or even know about the powers that exist in levels 3 & 4. 80% of your human potential lies levels 3 & 4! .

Moving to these higher two dimensions creates an accelerated evolution so you can manifest your true purpose and vision, move beyond your day to day problems, commit to what truly motivates you, and feel a deep sense or fulfillment, even in a chaotic world. 

Don’t you think it time to learn how to …


Tap into more energy and passion for life so you can liberate your highest gifts?


Break free from old stories that keep you stuck unable to redesign your life and career?


Access your energetic immunity so you can heal faster and age slower?


Trade in your stress, depression and past trauma so you can live with more joy and playfulness again?

Rhys will show you how to start on the same path that what has worked in his life and inspired thousands of people just like you to stand more fully in their healing power.

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Meet your Teacher

My name is Rhys Thomas founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, and the creator of the 4 Dimensional Healing system that helped me and thousands of others heal chronic physical and emotional pain, and aligned with a soul deep sense of meaning in career and relationships.

By simply harnessing the natural power of your body mind and chakras in Levels 1& 2, and aligning with the much higher frequencies of creative power in your deeper spiritual centers in Levels 3 & 4, what used to take years to heal, can now transform at astounding rates.

I have seen time and time again that when a person shifts from pitting all their energy against their pain or illness, and instead liberates a deeper sense of purpose, they awakening to their inner soul gifts and wisdom, they age slower, heal faster, live vibrantly, and experience more joy and playfulness.

Rhys Thomas
Bestselling Author
Founder of Rhys Thomas Institute Of Energy Healing

If you are ready to move beyond your pain, your traumas, your old stories, or anything that is holding you back… to living your life with total health, energy and passion…

Join me on this totally free 60 minute Masterclass, The 4 Secrets to Self- Healing. It is filled with knowledge, tools and practices to unlock your fullest potential. You will receive my simple 4 step energy practice that will connect you with your inner healing wisdom and power to be the master of your body and life on a whole new level.

Join the thousands of people who have released old stories, redesigned their lives and careers, and liberated their highest gifts through taking their personal healing to the whole new level.

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