Student Testimonials

“This is a school where the unimaginable things happen every weekend, what a journey.”Zack “An amazing adventure, my soul feels so nourished by the end of each weekend.”Alison
“Express your Feelings”Dr. Meena “I am starting to see the way to being the real me, the whole me, is loving the real me, the whole me.”Dr. Karen
“Another piece of the puzzle in place on my journey to wholeness.”Keith “Come find out who you are!”Scott
“I was literally rocked to the core through this amazing process.”Louise “If you are looking for balance and enlightenment, look no further that the Rhys Thomas Institute”Anne
“I found a place and space to go deeper- where my real self and soul resides.”Susan “The is an amazing program. Very grounded, practical, exciting, educational – awesomely experiential – just super!!”Laurie
“That’s not how the world works… That’s how your brain works –Rhys”Kristin “Mind blowing in the “good” way!”Kristin
“Expansive!”Patrick “This weekend really helped me to start to love and appreciate myself – I never thought that would ever happen.”Kristin C
It was F*#%!’in awesome!”Dawn “A great foundation to start my journey as a healer.”Nancy
“Intense, transformative, beautiful!”Nichole “A moving, emotional experience that can’t be beat!”James
“I feel lighter and more grounded at the same time”Margie “Moving into consciousness and adult awareness is life changing and allows you to live your life through your core essence.”Jessica
“I am turning 35 this year and I knew I needed something to help me grow into the next segment of my life, and this is it!”Claudia “Excellent!, excellent!, excellent! – not only informative but hands on experience.”Charleen
“This was the first step on my journey to the core of my true self, and was amazing!”Liz “If you don’t go within, you go without!”Mary
“I’m striving for healing less, and “being” more and more!”Meighan “Each weekend gets better than the last. Full of fun and surprises!”Dotty
“Every weekend helps me transform myself and my life in a different way, on another level.”Jennifer



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