Crystal Bowls


The beautiful tones of the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls will awaken the twelve levels of consciousness, or chakras, which are essential in order for you to live in your life purpose. (Click here to go to the section on Rhys Method® Chakras for descriptions of each one.) As stated in the chakra section, you must “feel” your life if you are to live your life purpose. To feel your life is to get out of your head and feel what is real and present through each of your chakras. Letting the deep and subtle feelings flowing through your chakras be the guide in your life keeps you fully present and able to live a life on purpose. But that is easier said than done. Most of us have lost touch with our deepest abilities to feel, and we have gotten lost in our heads where we are more likely to feel yesterday’s feelings and worries instead of the life that is passing through us in the present moment. At their core, all spiritual teachings teach that one must silence the mind and come into the present moment, for that is where life is vibrantly alive. That aliveness is a vibration and a feeling, not a thought. Each chakra vibrates and lives on a vibratory plane of existence. To hear a chakra is to come into resonance with that level of vibration within you. This is where the power of crystal bowls can guide you to go beyond the intellectual understanding of your life purpose and really begin to live it.

The Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls system is based on ancient and current sound healing techniques, the scientific laws of resonance, and the vibratory nature of the human body and energy field as taught in the Rhys Method® Energy Mastery and Full Spectrum Healing at the Rhys Thomas Institute.


Now that you have a basic understanding of the Rhys Method® Chakras and the twelve levels of consciousness, you need a way to distinguish the subtle variations in the ways each center calls you to your life purpose. For instance, the voice of your first chakra level of consciousness creates a hunger and longing for food when you have not eaten in six hours. And your spiritual life level of consciousness has a hunger and longing for change and growth in your life every hour. Your ability to be able to feel the two different longings means you don’t overeat when you need to get out and change your life, and you don’t get out and change your life on an empty stomach.

Each of the twelve levels has a specific guidance and tone to them that you must be able to hear if you are going to know how to guide yourself to your life purpose. Making sense of your twelve levels of consciousness when they are all speaking at once can be overwhelming. It is so overwhelming that most people shut down most of their chakras and just allow chakra six–mind and memory–to run all of their life choices. But as smart as your mind is, it is just a fraction of the genius that is in your entire energy field and is not capable of handling the job of living your life purpose. The problem is that once the mind has taken over the system, it takes practice to release its hold. When the mind is in charge, you will have a constant barrage of internal dialogue in your head that keeps you from feeling the more subtle and delicate levels of your field.

Learning to honor your entire system just means stopping the mind chatter and allowing all twelve levels to speak though your life. The mind only speaks in your primary language; all of the other levels communicate in a language that is more like a melody, a sensation or an impulse. You already know and understand the language of each chakra, because it has been with you since you were born. But once you were taught your family’s spoken language, your internal language of feelings and impulses was buried deeply within you. Now it is time to remember it once again if you truly want to live your life purpose!

Crystal Bowls Quiet the Mind Instantly: The Heart of Spiritual Practice

All spiritual practices have within them the dedication and ability to learn to quiet the mind. The mind is difficult to quiet because it creates the loudest voice in your energy system—one that never stops talking at you, criticizing you, re-living the past, creating anxiety about the future, and blocking the real experiences of life in the present moment. Your life purpose only exists in the present moment and so, it must be felt in the present moment. As long as the mind is in charge, you cannot get enough real information to live your life purpose.

If you just sit in quiet room, close your eyes and listen, you will hear nothing for a few seconds and then a constant stream of thoughts begins. Your mind may say it wants you to stop thinking and relax, but it never lets you. This is what I call the “white noise” of the mind, and it blocks most of the other eleven levels of consciousness for much of the time. For over a millennia, chanting, prayer, dancing, martial arts, chi movement, mantra, emotional release and other techniques have been used to counter this white noise. But it is not easy, and only the steadfast and persevering ever make lasting changes in their mental patterns. Challenging the mental trance of everyday reality is the most difficult step for all seekers and initiates.

Crystal bowls are instant mind stoppers. The principle is easy to understand. The mind blocks most of the systems by being just a little louder than the other levels, so we can’t hear them. We only hear ourselves constantly talking in our heads about what we already think we know. When a bowl plays, it comes into resonance with one of the other levels of the field and enhances it, giving it a loud-speaker quality as long as the bowl that is played is actually louder than the mind. It simultaneously relaxes the mind from the frontal lobes and then deeper into the middle brain and limbic brain where music, tone chanting and vibration are felt, rather than thought about.

Crystal bowls help us to remove the dissonance of the white noise and begin the process of learning what the guidance from the other eleven levels feels like. If you want to know what normal brain function feels like, sit and listen to your favorite crystal bowls for 15 minutes. Then notice that you are very present, but you are not actually thinking with the normal mind state. Notice when your mind takes over again and then notice how your body tightens when it does. That tightness is a result of thinking and is what blocks your feelings. Regular use of the bowl tones retrains your system to feel more of your twelve levels of consciousness, so your mind can be brilliant, fresh and not stuck in old thoughts.

A New Language for Your Mind

The Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls are the solution for removing the language barrier between your thinking mind and the twelve levels of your consciousness. Each of the chakras sends out a vibration that perfectly matches the seven major notes on the diatonic scale, C, D, E ,F, G, A, B, and the five spiritual levels perfectly match up with the five sharps (flats) C#, D#, F#, G#, and A#. What that means for you is that when one of the pure crystal bowl tones plays, it will awaken and enhance one specific chakra. It will amplify its tone so greatly that you will have an experience of how it speaks to you through a body sensation, vision, memory or a specific kind of vibration that lets you know it is speaking. Over time you will be able to feel these levels without the bowls playing. This is what we teach our Energy Mastery students as they develop into Full Spectrum Healers.

The spiritual masters have been doing this for thousands of years–listening to their twelve levels of consciousness. We see them as transcendent beings because we are not used to someone living by their inner rather than outer signals. The reality is that they were just using their system as it is meant to be used. They had no special gifts; they just didn’t block the vibrations and recognized them as their most important guidance. Crystal bowls train this ability in anyone who is willing to listen to them and then act on what they feel.

Crystal Bowls Vibrate at the Human Level

There are many forms of sound healing but none match the depth of crystal bowls for awakening our deeper sense of self. The reason is simple–crystal bowls are made of pure crystal and create a specific and powerful sound, or sine wave, which holds the crystal quality in the sound and vibration it sends out. Metal instruments send out a metalvibration, and wood instruments send out wood vibrations. Human beings are made almost completely of water, a liquid crystal, which vibrates at a crystalline level. The crystal bowls resonate directly with the crystalline quality within people, and they support them in holding a higher, stronger and more pure vibration in the energy center of its same note or over tone.


A crystal bowl that is toned to one of the notes in the diatonic scale has one purpose: to hold the pure tone, color, vibration and consciousness of that energy level. Any other material or crystalline object or being that has within it that vibratory field, even if the field is being blocked or distorted somehow, will immediately begin to come into resonance with it. Humans have all twelve levels of consciousness, so when a bowl plays a specific level of consciousness, any distortion or block in a person will begin to be released or revealed. Once a level is open, it becomes a voice–the voice of your soul and life purpose. This voice is rarely in your spoken language, but rather consists of a deep feeling, a deep sense of our inner truth or a tension and resistance in the body.

When you experience a crystal bowl, you open a direct channel to your soul and the part of you that knows undeniably what your life purpose is. This inner knowing or soul uses that level of consciousness to send you certain bits of information, which when coordinated with the others, create your heaven on Earth.

The language of unconditional love is so rare on this planet, we often can’t understand it. Someone who loves you unconditionally will only speak to you in two ways: They will either tell you what your highest potential is in that moment, or how you are blocking your highest potential. They will never give you a halfway measure, speak down to you or criticize you. Everything is based on your highest potential only. Since that is what speaks when a bowl plays, you will be shown through your experience one or both of these. You will either experience your highest potential in that chakra, or you will experience how you are blocking that potential. Both are essential for you if you are to move toward your life purpose at that level.

In practical terms, this means that sometimes you will feel great when a bowl plays. At other times, you will hate the sound, or it will make you feel tight, angry or whatever emotion you regularly use to avoid living your life purpose. You may find that some of the tones you like all the time and others you generally don’t like. That is the first way to tell which levels of your energy field you use the most and which ones you reject.


Crystal bowls train a person to be what is usually called psychic or intuitive. Intuition is not really a special skill; it just shows when you are open to the vibrations that are present in the environment. For an Energy Mastery Practitioner to be intuitive as well as safe and self-aware, they need to be free of the general chakra blocks that limit most people from being truly intuitive.

The Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls are the most powerful training tools that I have come across to teach healers and Energy Mastery Practitioners to hold their energy fields at a much higher level of consciousness in order to support their guidance, healing and transformation. Once they are able to feel their energy field, they can consciously focus their energy to simultaneously live their life purpose and support the healing of their client. When they are in their life purpose, they are gaining rather than losing energy, which makes healing safe for them. They are able to enhance and expand specific levels of energy in support of a client who is depleted at that level.

An Energy Mastery Practitioner uses his/her body as a vibrational, color and sound healing tool to bring the client into resonance and to help them open to their own inner guidance, from which real healing arises. I firmly believe the crystal bowls are essential training for healers.

The Energy Mastery Practitioners also use the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls Healing Music as background music to support the specific energies that are needed to be held during the healing.


What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is a form of Vibrational Medicine and is based on the scientific principles that all matter, and most importantly, the cells in your body, vibrate to a precise frequency when healthy and to a dissonant frequency when in dis-ease. Resonant vibration, rhythms and tones can balance brain hemispheres, stress levels, and even tension in body tissues and cells that have fallen into dis-ease or dis-harmony. The use of tuned, deep-vibration instruments such as crystal bowls during healing and meditation can balance these dissonant frequencies and bring them back into harmony. Music and chanting have been used for thousands of years to heal and energize the body, mind and emotions. A sense of well-being and an increase in energy and pain relief are often the result of crystal bowl sessions. Deep levels of healing and transformation are also commonly reported after sound healing sessions
As stated in the Energy Mastery section, all healing that is being performed today is vibrational or sound based. A healer is a practitioner who knows how to hold their energy field in their life purpose. The pure vibration they emit is a vibration that is felt or “heard” by the client at each chakra level and brings the client back out of their ill, dis-eased, or dis-harmonious system and brings them back into the human resonance that is held when someone holds their life purpose vibration.

What is Resonance?

Resonance is the operating principle that sound healing rests on. The two essential aspects of resonance are:

  1. Like attracts like
  2. The strongest pure vibration in any given environment will bring all other like vibrations into uniformity with it.

When the C string of a harp or piano is struck, all the other octave strings of C on the piano that were not stuck also begin to vibrate and come into what is known as sympathetic resonance. In the human body, the twelve levels of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being resonate within specific, pure frequencies of vibration when healthy.

Any restriction to the natural flow of vibrancy and life force will change the specific pure tone in a way that is similar to holding down a guitar string. It can be forced to play a different note, but energy must be used to hold down that note. Vibrational energy from the crystal bowls acts as a resonant guide back to wholeness for energy that has lost its natural state and pure tone through mental or physical illness or limitation. Excessive energy is toned down and deficient energy is made full. Once in balance, the system can re-establish that resonance as its baseline of health. The goal of The Rhys Method® Full Spectrum Healing and Crystal Bowl Sound Healing is to create a symphony of health and vibrancy within the body where each level plays its individual pure tone as well as being part of the symphony.

Individual Soul Vibration and Life Purpose

At the heart of each of us is a unique complex of wave forms and resonances that define everything we are, everything we do and everything we have the potential to be. No two sets of finger prints, voice prints or retinal scans are the same, so why should the essential vibration of our lives be any different. We all are made of the same basic elements, and we all have almost identical genetic patterns. This is true at the vibrational level as well; we all resonate at the twelve tones, but each of us creates our symphony of tones in a different way than anyone else on the planet. And each of us will use one primary note as the tone that we harmonize all other tones around.

Investigating this unique vibratory tone becomes a direct connection to understanding your soul and your life purpose. When you can experience your core vibration, you will always be able to know when you are living from your soul and life purpose and when you are playing the wrong tune. When you live from your individual tone, you not only live your life purpose but simultaneously, you come into sympathetic resonance within the uni-verse. And the uni-verse needs all beings to hold their pure tone so that all of the uni-verse comes into wholeness and consciousness.

We each holographically represent the universal principle of wholeness through our individual subtle vibrations that are part of the whole. This works at every level: our atoms working in harmony to create and keep our cells whole, our cells coming into harmony to create our bodies, our body’s ability to come into harmony with other bodies to create communities and cultures, our culture’s ability to get along and stop fighting in order to create a world of people living in harmony as one planet, the plants creating the harmony that hold our solar system together, and on and on. But each sub-form, which is part of a whole, can support only the whole by living its unique life purpose.

By learning to know and honor our unique tone and subtle vibration through our individual bodies, we can know our individual life purpose in a visceral way, thus allowing us to be able to heal ourselves by coming back to our truth over and over again. And when we do, we also feel our universal life purpose lining up. By living our individual life purpose, we are doing our part to support the whole, and we call all those around us to come back into their own resonance and support the larger levels of consciousness that we are all part of. This is the definition of Energy Mastery. As each of us is willing to hold our unique tone and light, we not only transform our personal experience but also become a beacon of light for others to do the same. One strong, pure vibration heals at every level in the universe.

How are Sound Frequency and Light Related?

The frequencies of the vibrations that we feel through our normal five senses are a narrow band of only a few octaves. Our aura and its twelve tones represent one octave of energy. Humans are generally formed around one sound octave beginning at Middle C (440 hertz). As a person begins to feel and sense the depth of their vibration, they can also begin to sense and feel the overtones of their basic life tones. It is in the overtones where a person becomes aware that each level and chakra is connected to many levels of consciousness of both sound and light.

Science has shown that everything in the universe is a vibrational dance of particles that exhibit both solid forms and wave forms of expression. Each form of vibration creates a tone, and simultaneously a color, that can be seen if the instrument looking at it is sensitive enough. So each energy center in the human body not only has a tone but also a color that falls within a rainbow spectrum of light and higher. Open, flowing centers have pure tones and pure, bright, primary color tones, whereas limited or blocked centers are dissonant or off tone and are muddled in color. When someone is a symphony of clear vibrations and knows their life purpose, they simultaneously appear bright and full of light like a rainbow of light. When energy is not allowed to flow to certain areas of their body, their life appears dark and depressed. A healthy body is brilliant and can be seen and felt throughout the world.

When working with the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls, you are coming into both physical and energetic resonance that heals from the cellular level all the way to the level of light that can bring harmony at the highest levels of consciousness.

How do We Hear?

Hearing is an amazing ability inherent in the entire body. Yes, I did say the entire body. Although they are the most important and most sensitive instrument of hearing, the ears are just one of the ways we hear. Sound is a relatively slow vibrational wavelength. It hits the body in such a way that we perceive it as sound and actually feel its reverberations in our body cavities and ear canals as it bounces around.

Take a moment and picture the entire energy field and the twelve levels of consciousness in the human aura. Now imagine a sound wave coming out of a speaker’s mouth or a crystal bowl toward the body. As sound hits the aura, it ripples through the field like a wave in a pond; all of the levels are moved by it. The 5th chakra is the most susceptible to it because it operates at the level of sound and runs the ears, mouth and voice, all which are open chambers perfectly designed for the transmission and reception of sound waves.

Those same sound waves that we are very aware of in the ears and head are actually vibrating throughout the entire body. To really hear something is to experience the vibration from head to toe. Even the bones and organs feel the tone and intensity of sounds. They send the information via the nervous system to the brain of what the words feel like no matter what they are supposed to mean. The actual ear takes sound waves that vibrate at a specific frequency and transmutes that vibration in the inner hear to a electrical vibration, a liquid medium that stimulates brain reactions, that is assessed until there is a rhythm or pattern found that the brain understands. The vibration of conscious awakening then transmutes that vibration in the endocrine glands and nervous system to trigger the body’s voice and muscles. Those muscles translate the vibration with a face that smiles and a voice that says, “Yes, I would love some cake,” and the process goes on and on.

Hearing is a full-body function at the physical level. It is also a full-body function at the spiritual level. Although spiritual information is just a higher level of vibration, it still hits the aura and the body and runs through the same channels to be interpreted, processed and acted on. When someone receives some guidance, it should come from the whole body and not just from the mind or the visual cortex.

When you “hear” a crystal bowl, you will feel it as much as you hear it. The sound is so pure and visceral that it begins to train your body in how to hear information throughout your body not just in your ears. Learning to listen with your entire body is transformational. Each part of your body hears and speaks to your brain. Once you learn how to do this, you get so much more information about what is happening in the moment. To know your life purpose in each moment, you will need to be able feel information through your entire body. There is no need to remember your life purpose, just by feeling what you are drawn to or want to get away from guides you from within.

How to Begin to Use the Crystal Bowls

How to Listen to Crystal Bowls

How to listen: You will want to listen to the crystal bowls through the best stereo speakers you have. Headphones will not work as well because your body and skeletal structure are very important listening tools in this process. The best way to listen to bowls is when laying down on a comfortable, but firm, mat or bed with an eye pillow and any supports you need under your legs or neck. The best time to listen is just when you are waking up in the morning or just before bed. If you are doing chakra awareness, you can do it at any time and there should be relatively little chaos and other noise, so you can relax and feel deeply.


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