Benefits of Learning the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles

What are the Benefits of Learning the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles


By learning your personal Life Purpose Profiles (the two main profiles–your primary and secondary profile—that you operate from) ), you will learn exactly what it looks like/feels like/sounds like when you are in your power (feeling empowered and truly YOU). This is called your “core soul quality.” You will also learn when you are in the dark or are unconscious to your life purpose. This is what is called your “defense” or shadow and where you feel disempowered by your life.


Understanding your life purpose can instantly increase your self-esteem, enhance your health and well-being, support your making positive life choices, let go of stress and limited thinking and behaviors, challenge your mental blocks and performance blocks, enhance your every relationship, teach you to understand the motivations of others to enhance your family and work life, and even help you understand and easily deal with challenging or difficult people in your life.


This is a profound, life-changing experience that will unlock so much information about why you do what you do and how to align consciously with your life purpose. You also will unlock the key to your relationships—who you are choosing and why certain people really trigger you while you adore others. The profiles will profoundly affect your perspective and understanding of all the significant people in your life-–past and present—as well as the importance of living in your core in all you relationships from this moment on.


If you are a coach or therapist, the profiles will help you gain an uncanny ability to read your clients quickly, gain instant rapport, amaze them with your insights and tailor your modality in a highly specific way to quickly and intelligently fill their exact needs.


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