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The Rhys Method® Energy Mastery System is taught exclusively at the Rhys Thomas Institute in Medway, Massachusetts. Energy Mastery practices are taught to students at the Institute in tandem with Full Spectrum Vibrational Healing techniques. Energy Mastery practices represent the art of healing and of being a healer. Energy Mastery is not a healing technique or modality that can be learned in a weekend nor can it be tested objectively.


Energy Mastery is the quality of being and having a radiant sense of purpose that transforms a health practitioner from a medical professional or alternative healing or therapeutic technician into a healer who awakens healing within the client at the deepest level possible. What an Energy Master Practitioner does technically is only the beginning. How he or she holds their inner vibration and energy field is what makes them a healer. Simply being in the presence of someone who vibrates and speaks from their life purpose, inner peace and joy begins to awaken the same qualities in the patient.


Another way an Energy Master Practitioner differs from a healing technician is that an Energy Master Practitioner does not relieve pain and suffering through techniques alone. Energy Master Practitioners are trained specifically in the art of healing through awakening the spirit within a person, as well as relieving their symptoms. An empowered person awakened to their own ability to heal themselves has a much better long-term prognosis than a disempowered person who depends on the technician for a cure.


The Healing Modality

The Rhys Method® Full Spectrum Healing is the healing modality that is taught at the school. The eighteen Full Spectrum Healings students learn before they graduate are targeted healings based on specific issues presenting in the client. They demand that the practitioner learn specific assessments, hand placements and energy balancing techniques. Learning these techniques takes study, practice and the internal discipline of being able to hold their energy field at all twelve levels of vibration and light. By learning Full Spectrum Healing, the practitioner is able to consciously bring back into harmony any energetic imbalance in their system. But as powerful as Full Spectrum Healing techniques are, they do not make the practitioner an Energy Master Practitioner and a Healer.


Students are guided through an intensive and demanding journey in self discovery, awareness and self Students of Energy Masteryacceptance before they ever interact with a client. This inner work awakens the student to their deeper life purpose and soul expression. The primary learning tool at the Institute to support this awakening is the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles System, which is taught throughout the three-year certification program.


Life Purpose Profiles

The Life Purpose Profiles System of learning trains emerging healers to awaken to their life purpose as well as teaches them their most powerful healing gift–their ability to share their unique powers, gifts and intelligence rather than just their technique. By being able to share their enthusiasm, passion and unique quality for living, the healer holds a space for the client to awaken to their own unique gifts and sense of self. A healer, who knows, embraces and lives their own life purpose stands for love of life and well-being rather than against illness.


Long-term health and well-being is directly related to a person’s ability to have a sense of purpose in their life. When someone is living their life purpose, they are filled from within and do not demand that the world take care of them. They live and enjoy what they have, who they are, and who they are with. This level of enjoying life stimulates the immune response in the body, and the body stays much healthier than a person who is simply trying to stay healthy. Modeling a sense of purpose and self-love is the greatest healing gift a healer can possess, because it energetically gives the client permission to do the same.


Becoming an Energy Master Practitioner

To become an Energy Master Practitioner in the Rhys Thomas institute, students must learn to blend their life purpose with their healing techniques. Students are trained in the art of healing as well as the techniques of healing. A healing practitioner who is willing and able to hold both of these high levels of consciousness in their work and life becomes a living example of health in action. Each healer is unique; each healer is a master in their own right. Their simple truth and ease in being themselves awakens the same balance within the client, which is the true healing gift. Energy Mastery is a healing art, not just a technique. Techniques can be learned and certified in a weekend. Living your life purpose is a daily investigation and life-long journey, just like healing.


Working with an Energy Master Practitioner is a gift you give to yourself that awakens your soul and your joy of life. Clients find that working with one on a regular basis can be both transformative and life reaffirming.


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