Hear Your Soul’s Voice

Hear Your Soul’s Voice: Crystal Bowls Awaken the Unconditional Voice of the Soul

A crystal bowl that is toned to one of the notes in the diatonic scale has one purpose: to hold the pure tone, color, vibration and consciousness of that energy level. Any other material or crystalline object or being that has within it that vibratory field, even if the field is being blocked or distorted somehow, will immediately begin to come into resonance with it. Humans have all twelve levels of consciousness, so when a bowl plays a specific level of consciousness, any distortion or block in a person will begin to be released or revealed. Once a level is open, it becomes a voice–the voice of your soul and life purpose. This voice is rarely in your spoken language, but rather consists of a deep feeling, a deep sense of our inner truth or a tension and resistance in the body.

Hand in Bowl flashWhen you experience a crystal bowl, you open a direct channel to your soul and the part of you that knows undeniably what your life purpose is. This inner knowing or soul uses that level of consciousness to send you certain bits of information, which when coordinated with the others, create your heaven on Earth.

The language of unconditional love is so rare on this planet, we often can’t understand it. Someone who loves you unconditionally will only speak to you in two ways: They will either tell you what your highest potential is in that moment, or how you are blocking your highest potential. They will never give you a halfway measure, speak down to you or criticize you. Everything is based on your highest potential only. Since that is what speaks when a bowl plays, you will be shown through your experience one or both of these. You will either experience your highest potential in that chakra, or you will experience how you are blocking that potential. Both are essential for you if you are to move toward your life purpose at that level.

In practical terms, this means that sometimes you will feel great when a bowl plays. At other times, you will hate the sound, or it will make you feel tight, angry or whatever emotion you regularly use to avoid living your life purpose. You may find that some of the tones you like all the time and others you generally don’t like. That is the first way to tell which levels of your energy field you use the most and which ones you reject.

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