Crystal Bowls and the Chakras

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Rhys Method® Chakras and the twelve levels of consciousness, you need a way to distinguish the subtle variations in the ways each center calls you to your life purpose. For instance, the voice of your first chakra level of consciousness creates a hunger and longing for food when you have not eaten in six hours. And your spiritual life level of consciousness has a hunger and longing for change and growth in your life every hour. Your ability to be able to feel the two different longings means you don’t overeat when you need to get out and change your life, and you don’t get out and change your life on an empty stomach.

Each of the twelve levels has a specific guidance and tone to them that you must be able to hear if you are going to know how to guide yourself to your life purpose. Making sense of your twelve levels of consciousness when they are all speaking at once can be overwhelming. It is so overwhelming that most people shut down most of their chakras and just allow chakra six–mind and memory–to run all of their life choices. But as smart as your mind is, it is just a fraction of the genius that is in your entire energy field and is not capable of handling the job of living your life purpose. The problem is that once the mind has taken over the system, it takes practice to release its hold. When the mind is in charge, you will have a constant barrage of internal dialogue in your head that keeps you from feeling the more subtle and delicate levels of your field.

Learning to honor your entire system just means stopping the mind chatter and allowing all twelve levels to speak though your life. The mind only speaks in your primary language; all of the other levels communicate in a language that is more like a melody, a sensation or an impulse. You already know and understand the language of each chakra, because it has been with you since you were born. But once you were taught your family’s spoken language, your internal language of feelings and impulses was buried deeply within you. Now it is time to remember it once again if you truly want to live your life purpose.

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