Crystal Bowl Tones

Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Tones

The Rhys Method Crystal BowlsThe beautiful tones of the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls will awaken the twelve levels of consciousness, or chakras, which are essential in order for you to live in your life purpose. (Click here to go to the section on Rhys Method® Chakras for descriptions of each one.) As stated in the chakra section, you must “feel” your life if you are to live your life purpose. To feel your life is to get out of your head and feel what is real and present through each of your chakras. Letting the deep and subtle feelings flowing through your chakras be the guide in your life keeps you fully present and able to live a life on purpose. But that is easier said than done. Most of us have lost touch with our deepest abilities to feel, and we have gotten lost in our heads where we are more likely to feel yesterday’s feelings and worries instead of the life that is passing through us in the present moment. At their core, all spiritual teachings teach that one must silence the mind and come into the present moment, for that is where life is vibrantly alive. That aliveness is a vibration and a feeling, not a thought. Each chakra vibrates and lives on a vibratory plane of existence. To hear a chakra is to come into resonance with that level ofRhys Thomas - Rhys Method Crystal Bowls vibration within you. This is where the power of crystal bowls can guide you to go beyond the intellectual understanding of your life purpose and really begin to live it.

The Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls system is based on ancient and current sound healing techniques, the scientific laws of resonance, and the vibratory nature of the human body and energy field as taught in the Rhys Method® Energy Mastery and Full Spectrum Healing at the Rhys Thomas Institute.

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