How do the Rhys Method® Chakras Work?

How do the Rhys Method® Chakras Work?

The Rhys Method® Chakras teach you how to become aware of your full potential as a human being. Every conscious person with a human body has twelve levels of consciousness and their only job is to feel and express your life purpose in every moment. These twelve levels of consciousness include your body and its health, your emotional states, your ability to trust others, your willingness to speak your needs, your ability to remember and process information, your deeper spirituality and soul connection to others and your highest calling as an individual in the world.

Most of us train diligently in our profession and still develop only a few of the chakras. The mind is very often over developed and tries to live pragmatically to the detriment of the soul’s natural abilities to feel deeper emotions, or spiritual states of love, power, connectedness and intuition. The body often is treated as a machine that gets fed, exercised and rested only after it behaves and does its work. We learn that shutting down parts of who we are is “normal.”

In the Rhys Method® Chakras, you will see that no part of you can be dormant if you want to live your life purpose. It takes an incredible amount of your energy to keep your natural talents held back or in the dormant or blocked state. Awakening to all twelve levels of your being is to awaken to your full potential and life purpose. Each chakra is an energy center that feeds you direct information as to how to live your life purpose in every moment. As you will learn in the information that follows, each of the twelve levels play an essential role in awakening you to your life purpose. You will learn how to recognize or “see” them in this section. Then in the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls section, you will begin to awaken your ability to feel the chakras and bring them fully into your life.

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