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Saturday, April 9th
Milford, MA

Come join Rhys Thomas, founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute for a full day of healing and awakening. In this workshop you will learn that the ancient art of healing is more of a state of being which the healer attains internally than the simple learning of techniques. THIS IS THE MASTERY OF HEALING.

You will learn:

  • Step by step training in full spectrum healing
  • The latest science of how energy mastery really works
  • Secrets of the great healers and Saints world wide
  • A foundation in full spectrum healing (total body, mind, spirit integrated healing)
  • Learn what really blocks your chakras and how to heal them.
  • Learn a powerful emotional healing that is the foundation of change in your life.
  • Heal and be healed, give and get 2 full spectrum healings

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Are You Awakening To:

  • The calling to take charge of your destiny in your career, your relationships and in your health?
  • The deep desire to be surrounded by souls of a higher frequency and mission?
  • Your desire for a soul mate not a roommate?
  • The realization that you are her to be a healing and transformative agent in the world?
  • Your passion for living, and getting out of the “rat race”

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