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Are you ready to transform your life?

The Rhys Method® is a powerful system of self discovery, transformation and healing. Each aspect of the system is exclusively used in the Rhys Thomas Institute of Life and Energy Mastery to train our Life and Energy Master Practitioners with the most cutting-edge knowledge and techniques available in the world today.

Life and Energy Mastery

Rhys Method® Life and Energy Mastery and the school are based in Rhys Thomas’ personal mastery studies covering the areas of Energy Mastery, Martial Arts, Sound Healing, Professional Tennis, Coaching, Public Speaking, Business and Teaching. This very practical body of knowledge has been combined with Rhys’ second great passion, learning from the master teachers. The Rhys Method Life and Energy Mastery

It wasn’t enough just to have the experiences, he also wanted to understand and teach it himself. So, Rhys has integrated the teachings of hundreds of the top masters, authors and transformational leaders of our time as well as the wisdom of ancient sages to synthesize a new, direct, no-nonsense program.

The Rhys Method® is designed for those who are tired of the quick-fix gurus and who want to see lasting and long-term change in their lives.

Life Purpose

Transformation and attaining success, passion and joy in your life are easier than they might appear. The biggest barrier is in not knowing your life purpose or how to really discover and nurture it. When you do not have a sense of purpose, what you do, rather than who you are, becomes your life focus.

Who you are is your life purpose. Your life purpose is the greatest gift you will ever offer the world. Discovering your spectacular, defining quality is what the Rhys Method® is all about. It is what the students in his school learn as the key to healing mastery and becoming an Life and Energy Master Practitioner.

Understanding the core of this powerful system is right here on this web site. Your life purpose quality is what transforms you from a technician doing a job to a master applying their personal insights and knowledge to their craft. Knowing your life purpose is the quality that separates a Gandhi, a Martin Luther King, Jr or a Mother Teresa from others who try to do a job but do not understand their true mission in life. It is the only thing that will give you lasting happiness and joy.

Your life purpose is all you truly will ever need to achieve. It is the success you dream about, and it offers you mastery in your life at the material, emotional and spiritual levels.

Transform Your Life

Rhys Thomas Institute of Life and Energy MasteryThe Rhys Method® programs are designed to initiate and attune you to a more powerful and conscious way of living. These programs will give you simple guidelines to help you to awaken your ability to self motivate and listen to your internal signals rather than to your fears and what others are doing. In order to follow your dreams, you must be able to be willing to feel and create your dreams in each moment. Yesterday’s dream is ancient history; today is the day you create your future.

Of course, these introductory steps cannot replace the deep learning, personal process and group work that go on at the Rhys Thomas Institute in the three-year Life and Energy Mastery Healer Training Program. Instead, these steps can begin the process of transformation by gently supporting you to make new life choices at your own pace.

The Rhys Method® programs that are currently available on this site are:

Rhys Method® Life and Energy Mastery

Rhys Method® Full Spectrum Healing

Rhys Method® Life and Energy Mastery: A New Paradigm

Rhys Method® Life and Energy Mastery: Life Purpose Profiles

Rhys Method® Chakras

Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls

Rhys Method® Energy Healing Techniques – Coming Soon!

I invite you to explore all of the life-changing and life-enhancing opportunities that are offered here.


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