Healer Training Program

healertrainingTHE HEALER TRAINING PROGRAM at the Rhys Thomas Institute is for anyone who is ready to leap into their personal power to create conscious relationships and passion based careers and businesses by living fearlessly and finding their deepest purpose in life. This is the only training site for the Rhys method®: Life Purpose Profiles, 12 chakra gateways, healing methods, and crystal Bowl Sound Healing System. The combination of these cutting edge healing and transformational therapeutic techniques creates unparalleled personal growth and knowledge of the underlying energy systems that promote health and well-being and living a purposeful and empowered life. Whether you are new to the world of energy mastery and transformational growth work, or are the most seasoned initiate, every class will bring you right to your edge and gently and safely guide you through it.

The System

THE RHYS METHOD® TAUGHT EXCLUSIVELY AT THE RHYS THOMAS INSTITUTE is based on sound principles of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth and self-transformation originally used in ancient “Mystery Schools.” Our school is a one-of-a-kind synthesis of knowledge and techniques from the premier healing schools, yoga programs, authors, personal growth schools and techniques, spiritual psychology programs, philosophies, religions, business mastery schools, martial arts schools and sound healing schools around the world.

Rhys is joined by master Profile and Chakra Teacher Lisa Campion, Michelle Thibeault, Toni Barillaro, Malinda Branson, and Dorothea Mahoney who model a unique blend of dynamic teaching and coaching energies to support each student individually to come into their own power in a balanced and safe way.


The chakra system represent the raw energy you have to live and transform you life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The course work is designed to teach you how to first become aware of the chakra system and then master its power within you. Each weekend takes you step by step through the journey of awakening through the Rhys Method® 12 Chakra Gateways. To know your life purpose you will have to feel it! We give you direct experience of the chakras and how they are calling you to your life through the class work and Rhys’ amazing crystal bowl sound healing meditation each weekend. Whatever you have learned about chakras to date, you will be amazed by how much deeper you can go into them!


You will learn the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profile System, a dynamic system that defines the five human life purpose qualities and which one that will become the foundation for your greatness! Becoming a profile master means that you not only can live fully in your own power and life purpose but can coach and guide others to do the same.


You will be assigned books to read to supplement the course material between classes that will specifically prepare you for the chakra and profile work in class. The books are written by today’s premier authors, and each book is life changing just in itself! “Homework” is assigned to help you apply what you have read to your life, and is commented on by the teachers who supervise and support all student process work. Homework responses are like 6 private sessions with the teacher to support each student on their own individual path.

Each Weekend YOU WILL PLAY

Between lectures and teaching activities you will be encouraged to move, dance and play in activities that are fun and freeing. Letting the inner child play is an essential part of the enlightenment process.

Each Weekend YOU WILL BOND

The most subtle (and most fun!) aspect of personal growth in the program is becoming part of a spiritual family, a soul group. No one consciously chooses the tribe they are born into, and so as an adult choosing your own tribe is an essential right of passage and power. In the program we model conscious adult relationships where you are loved and supported for who you are. You will make the best friends you have ever had!


Every great leader is a healer, every healer is a leader. Healing work specifically teaches you how to manage your internal energy and power by focusing it like a laser beam through your life purpose profiles and chakras. Being a fully passionate and healthy you is the greatest healing gift you can give the world. The goal in healing is not to fix others but to inspire them to see the greatness already within them.


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