Rhys Method® 12 Chakra Gateways

Every second of every day your 12 gateways tell you exactly what to do to live your life purpose. The Rhys Method® 12 Chakra Gateways give you the translator to their many voices so can move beyond guessing and procrastinating about what you should do and be called in each moment to do it fearlessly.

The 12 Chakra Gateways are your life energy that you experience through your body, intuition, drive, passion, compassion, love and brilliance when they are open.  They are the stuck, sabotaging, and destructive forces in your life when they are blocked.  The Rhys Method® 12 Chakra Gateways go far beyond other chakra training systems to give you practical step by step ways to clear the blocks that keep you from the energy you need to live your life purpose.

What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt what you have chakras for?  You could look at any decision or situation and see what actions you are truly called to.  And if you knew all the things you do not have chakras for you could avoid living a trial and error life and be sure that the next life choices you make will enhance your career, your relationships and your health!


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