Healing Training Program FAQ

I know this is called Healer Training Program but I’ve heard that this it is also an amazing personal growth school. What’s in it for me? Your personal growth and transformation is the primary mission of the school. Some of our students will go on to have a master level full spectrum healing practice, but the majority are professionals seeking mastery level self development. The same personal mastery it takes to become a healer applies to business, leadership, family, and all facets of life. Like Martin Luther King, anyone who fearlessly expresses their deepest truth and highest calling heals the world. We support you in finding and living your life purpose, so everything you do has a healing effect on the world. What makes this different from other programs? The main difference is that this program is experiential, not simply an academic or technique driven program. Many schools will teach you some great techniques, but techniques alone do not necessarily make a person a healer. It is discovering your life purpose then aligning it with what you do in the world that leads to deep fulfillment and really making your mark in the world. I’m not that familiar with the chakras and I’ve never done a healing before. Am I still a candidate for the program? HQ ProgramOur curriculum is extensive both in breadth and depth. Energy Mastery is a wholistic approach to living a powerful passionate life. The energy work we do is powerful and enjoyable and easy to learn and apply to your life!

How do I know if this is right for me?

HQ Program1Trust your gut! If this is right for you, you will feel a calling to be in the program. People often sign up for the program because they feel drawn to the work and not even know why; they may feel like they just need to be there. The “why” often emerges as your journey unfolds. We are available to speak to you personally to help you decide if this is right for you.

I have already done a lot of work on myself. Will this program really teach me something I don’t already know? (Been there, done that…)

There IS no other program like this. It’s totally unique and nothing we have seen takes you deeper into yourself than this. Whatever work you’ve done (which is great!), this program will take you right up to the edge of your growth no matter where you are starting from. Do you have payment plans? We offer a 6 month payment option. You can get the details when you enroll for the 2013-2014 Healer Training Program at https://rhysthomasinstitute.com/enroll/. I’m ready to make the commitment to myself. How do I enroll? Go to https://rhysthomasinstitute.com/enroll/ and we will see you in class! HQ Program2


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