[video] 6 skills to be the master of your life in times of chaos

Are you ready to make this year the year you unlock your highest potential and live the life you were born to live?

What if you could liberate your fullest potential even in the midst of all this chaos?

Are you aware that there are 6 things all masters and truly successful people have in common?

My name is Rhys Thomas, founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and author of the best selling book, Discover your Purpose, with 35 years of high performance athletic coaching, 25 years of Martial arts training, and now 20 years of studying and teaching energy healing and spiritual mastery.

My passion is helping people achieve their highest potential in every area of their lives. In working over the last 40 years with many master athletes, teachers, business leaders, martial artists, and healers, I found that masters all have an inner code of six skills that set them apart from everyone else.

The cool thing is… these six things masters do are much easier than you think, and you can start applying them to your life today, without even breaking a sweat (well maybe a little sweat).

Just click here for a free 15 minute training class, the 6 Mastery Skills to Unlock Abundance, Happiness and Inner Peace.” In it I share with you the essence of what has changed the lives of thousands of people in my Institute and at my Virtual Live Event Awaken October 15-17th!

This training is offered to support you in coming out the other side of these chaotic times, even better than before.

Here’s some of what you will learn in the training:

  1. The Masters’ Code: What masters in sports, martial arts, business and healing all have in common.
  2. 6 Mastery Skills: Learn how to master your body and your emotions so you can focus your life force to reach your highest potential.
  3. Master Your Business: Learn the simple secret of how to find and choose a career that uniquely supports a happy, abundant and fulfilling life.
  4. Attain Spiritual MasterySpiritual mastery is not what you have been taught.

Join this FREE power packed mini training if you have the desire and hunger to succeed at a higher level, and attain life mastery even in these uncertain times.

I will see you on this wisdom packed training.

Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas, the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute, has turned the art of energy healing into a science of personal empowerment.

My name is Rhys Thomas and when I turned 40, I wanted to know “why” even though I appeared to be successful in almost every part of my life and career, I still felt empty.
I became a personal growth junkie for year with no real shift. Then I got serious and attended a 4 year training in energy medicine that introduced me to chakras and so much more. Energy healing, combined with my love of marital arts helped me realize that I was not empty I had just blocked my ability to feel and see through all of my energy centers. I had blinders and didn’t know it. I was putting more attention on living societies dream of success, not my soul’s. But even this did not fully heal me, there was something missing. That is why I create my 4 Dimensional Healing system that that has awakened and deep send of empowerment, love and fulfillment in thousands of people who have worked with me. 30 day to Self-healing Through the chakras is the first leg in this system.

Now I am thrilled to be giving to you what took me 20 years to create in this 30 day training. I wish someone had give it to me 30 year ago.

This information is life like dynamite for anywhere you are stuck in your life or feeling disconnected, it has changed the lives of thousands in my programs and the institute. Now its your turn to use this wisdom to take your life, like I did from empty to fulfilled, energized and joyous.

When you say “YES” to this awakening and evolutionary journey up through the chakras you will unlock the mysteries of the world around and within you.