Monday Motivation: The 2 Minute Presence Practice

How often are you trying to finish something that has to be done, that you may have been working on for hours, but you are losing concentration and the law of diminishing returns is taking over? 

What is happening is that your energy body and brain that love variety are getting bored.  You actually have plenty of energy, it’s just being sent out from your body to find anything else more fun to do.  

That is also why at that point you are so easily distracted. 

When one of your 7 chakras, usually your thinking brain in chakra 6, takes over all the others it’s like a teacher telling the kindergarten class to sit quietly while the teacher grades papers, or anything other than pay attention to the needs of the children. 

Now of course the children want to be good, but making a child sit still is balling up their energy and it feels bad, and since their purpose in life is to play and dance and be creative and yell and laugh… balled up energy feels like pain and it will want to act out.  

To re-energize yourself only takes 2 minutes.  Start by seeing your chakras like a kindergarten class and your brain as the teacher. 

The key is to make sure the teacher stays present with not just the job at hand but the current needs of the children in real time. 

Inside your body this is called presence.

Sadly, we are taught as children that presence is concentration, which puts all of your attention in the brain and whatever inane thing it is over thinking about at the time.  You hear parents and teachers say, “you just need to learn to concentrate.”  

Of all the stupid things we are taught growing up, that one is near the top of the list.  Learning to neglect the majority for the needs of the few is a cultural lifestyle that has never served anyone and it create a lot of angry children acting out. 

So how to you calm your own inner selves? 

The solution is to see yourself as 7 children that all have needs that want attention.  When you neglect them, you lose their energy.  When you keep them in your consciousness (presence) they stay engaged.

TODAY’S TIP: 2 Minute chakra tune up

Today’s energy tip is something you use when you feel that you are getting tired. 

You just become present in each of your chakras like this:
(HINT: Try it both with your eyes open and eyes closed)

  1. Stand up if you are sitting or sit if you are standing and feel your legs, you arms, your torso, your neck and head.  Then just gently pat your belly and your legs or any part of your body you are not able to feel.
  2. Close your eyes and feel the energy/blood flow through your body.  Feel it like a pulse.
  3. Open your eyes and look around to see what you have been doing, if you have been running around, sit.  If you have been sitting, just walk around the room and swing your arms.
  4. Put your hands over your heart and tell yourself, “I love you, you are doing great!”  Breathe 5 deep breaths into your heart and think of a person you love with all your heart. Picture hugging them.
  5. When you are feeling that in your heart, make a gentle humming noise like you do when are being cuddled or just ate something yummy.
  6. In your mind’s eye see 7 chakra colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and feel how each makes you feel.   
  7. See a big ball of white light over your head that you can call into the center of your body through the top of your head and down your spine.  When it gets to the center of your body let it expand and let your mind go wherever that energy takes you.

This process should only take a minute or two. 

Use this as often as you need.  Seeing that you are 7 people working on the project of being you, not some robot trying to complete a task, you are becoming more present.  When you are present you have energy for everything.   

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Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas, the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute, has turned the art of energy healing into a science of personal empowerment.

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