How to See Chakras 1-2

chakra There is nothing more beautiful than to see and experience the chakra system of another person. Because you go beyond looking at him or her with your eyes, you open all of your senses to experience this person’s inner light and potential at every level. Amazingly, everyone can see the chakras, however we just don’t know what we are looking for. Being told that chakras are spinning vortexes of light that can be seen clairvoyantly emanating from specific points in our bodies, puts them out of reach for most of us to imagine seeing.

Although the chakras are very mystical, they are also the grounding of our everyday lives. Each of the seven chakras corresponds to specific emotions, imagery and function in its role as an energy gateway in our body. These chakra descriptions may help you get to “see” each one a little better.

chakra1Chakra One — Being Real

The first chakra is like a tree. It is powerful and majestic, solid and unmoving, alive and thriving, simple and loving. Its form is the embodiment of intelligence and function.

To see your first chakra, look at everything that is pragmatic, simple and solid. Start with your body. How does it feel? Where is it strong, weak or sick? What illnesses has it had over your lifetime? Look at your body in a mirror; do you look vibrant, tired, or angry?

Then look at everything in your life that is solid. These include anything you could bump into at any given moment; your house, your car, family members, co-workers, the things that are objects of your affection, the things you are sentimental about, the food you eat, etc.

Look at how all the physical objects in your life (including you) are working, and/or not working and you can get a snapshot how your first chakra is functioning. Imagine a tree and its many personalities: tall and strong, stunted, diseased, home to many others, solitary, and so on. What kind of tree is your first chakra?

chakra2Chakra Two — Sensational Life

In the East it is believed that everything is so directly connected and in relationship to everything else that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can trigger a hurricane on the other side of the planet. It is in the second chakra that you can feel both the butterfly flapping and the hurricane spinning and know that they both influence your life.

Your second chakra is your ability to let the world in through all your senses by feeling how it flows to and through you. These sensations put you in contact with the world. How are you aware of all the people, places and things in your life? How do they touch you and how do you feel when they do? How aware are you of vibration, light, sound, other people intensions, your desires and passions?

Secondary aspects of sensation are their accompanying emotions. A sensation is the raw unit of feeling. Emotions are feelings coming to consciousness from those sensations and are triggers that move you to turn either inward or outward. Notice how much your sensations drive your emotional behavior in both positive and negative directions. This flapping and whirling is a picture of your second chakra.

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*Illustrations by Amy Pattachiola

Rhys Thomas

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