Secret Place Vows and Freedom Statements

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Secret Place Meditation - Remembering Love

Vows: The way you said no to love

What is a Vow? A vow is a solemn promise, or an oath, or a pledge that you make to yourself. In energy healing terms, the “Vow” is always a self-rejection of a true soul quality and purpose in life, that when rejected in the world, creates the ultimate pain since being rejected for what makes the child the most happy and fulfilled is devastating. i.e. if you were born to be a leader, and as a child you start telling everyone including your parents what to do, and your parents tell you that you are a bad person for being so bossy and controlling… the rejection of that quality may create a vow in you that say, “I will never be bossy again and will always stay in the background.” Since your soul’s purpose hangs in the balance this is not just a behavior change, it is an identity change that changes the entire way you see yourself and your life from then on. Finding these vows and releasing them is essential to the healing process.
What Vow did you choose in your childhood home to get more love and attention or to avoid punishment or rejection? (Use the role you played in your home from above) For example: “I vow to always be good and do whatever I am told” or “I vow to “never” be selfish and mean like my older brother”

Freedom Statement: The way we say yes to love again

What is a Freedom Statement? A “Freedom” statement is the voice of your soul speaking through your heart. It creates a synthesis within the body mind and soul that unifies you when spoken and heals your past and creates a new future. Freedom Statements always begins with “I am open to…” and must come from deeper soul feelings found in your secret place, or in meditation or with the crystal bowls, not the thinking brain.
“I am open to…” and describe what you loved doing and being in your secret place that incorporates your vow into a much expanded view of yourself. Example for the vow to “always be good and do what I am told” might be “I am open to being both loyal and supportive in my relationships, and being loyal to my own need to choose who and when I help.”

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