Energy Mastery


Energy Mastery is the art of healing at its deepest levels.  Currently Energy mastery is a term being bantered about as a catch all for all forms of alternative medicine, from acupuncture, to visualization, to Reiki, to sound healing, to channeling, massage, crystal therapies, psychic work, forms of Yogic practice, etc.

In the Rhys Method® I define Energy Mastery and a person who practices energy mastery as a separate art from techniques people use all over world over to release negative symptoms in the body.  This is easiest illustrated by my favorite healer, Martin Luther King.

King to my knowledge never put anyone on a healing table.  He did heal and enlightened millions simply by not being afraid to be who he really was.  His work did not make others want to be him, his work made it safe for them to who they truly are and stop hiding.  A healer models wholeness and passion for life, King’s healing modality was preaching… I’d say it matched his life purpose of being a charismatic leader who was born to find a cause worth dying for.  By matching a perfect modality (i.e. technique) with your true life purpose, you become an inspiration to others to find their own inner balance.  That is the essence of any energy mastery practitioner.

In the Rhys Method® and at the Rhys Thomas Institute we work with the awareness that much of illness low energy in many people on the planet these days comes from the stress of not fully knowing who they are or what their purpose is. Most people make vows to hid the best parts of themselves and end up living in a limited way.  The effort it takes to be who we think we are supposed to be is exhausting physically, emotionally and mentally and will never serve us spiritually.  To a person who lives their life purpose life is effortless because there is no resistance and every event energizes you and strengthens your sense of self and place in the world.   An energy mastery practitioner is someone who not only can shift you out of your pain in the present moment with their technique but also be a model of what a more balance life looks like for you to choose if you so wish.

I have had healings from clerks and even one car salesman that impacted my life in a profound way.  In summary a person practicing energy mastery is one who matches their external technique (job/modality) with their life purpose.  Of course if you add deep knowledge of the Rhys Method ® Life Purpose Profiles and the 12 Chakra Gateways and the mix, or any of the above mentions healing techniques your ability to have a healing impact goes up exponentially.

There isn’t a person on the planet that is not here to heal and inspire others to their greatness in the world and in their health and wellbeing.  To find out how does not start with a technique, it starts with deep self awareness and then picking a technique suite to your deepest purpose.  When we see that as the source of energy mastery, alternative therapies and traditional therapies will be far more effective and people in all walks of life will see the importance of what they do and how they do it!


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