Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles Descriptions

Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles Descriptions

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Helpful Hints
Creative Idealist/Thinker
Emotional Intelligence Specialist/Poor Me
Team Player/People Pleaser
Knowledgeable Achiever/Rule Keeper
Charismatic Leader/Enforcer
General Information
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Helpful hints:

The test is only as accurate as your ability to see what is your truth and what is a conditioned behavior or thought pattern. Often you are expected in life to play roles or behave in ways that are contrary to your true life purpose. The following are the most common and can lead you to see your Core Soul Quality.

  1. If you find that your chart is very well defined with one or two clear strong qualities read those sections to find your profile.
  2. If you are very evenly distributed across the board with high numbers in each then you should read the Charismatic Leader section. The charismatic leader is a born method actor where they literally become the character or the role they are playing in a movie or play. In life if this is your pattern you may find yourself in the role of a number of, or even all five of, the profiles at some point. You may play one role at work, one to with family, one when you’re with your children, one with your parents and siblings, etc. And strangely one of the roles you may rarely play is the Charismatic leader.
  3. If you are a woman who grew up in a household where the girls were encouraged to be more nurturing and other person oriented rather than self centered and that is the role you play in your life, you may have chosen many statements from the Team Player (TP). When the Emotional intelligence Specialist (EIS) does this, it looks very sweet but the EIS gets overwhelmed taking care of others. When the Knowledgeable Achiever (KA) does this, they do it perfectly and still get their Yoga and personal time in, but the KA will have a rigid set of rules around caring for others and the “right” way to do it. When the Charismatic Leader (CL) plays the role of Team Player does they will be very strong and protective and controlling of the family, and always be in charge of the final decisions. The Real Team Player is a bit disorganized and lets the family make their own choices as to what to do and they have lots of stamina to support everyone in getting what they want.
  4. If you are a man who grew up in a strong household where men were expected to be leaders or engineers or in business and that is the role you play in your life, you may have chosen a number of statements in the KA and CL profiles. If you find that you have a hard time being aggressive and controlling in the corporate or work environment and much prefer supporting others telling them what to do, or you rather chumming around with co-workers than driving hard for the next position, you may need to read the TP profile section. If you find that you are not a big group person and much prefer snuggling with your wife and children you may want to read the EIS profile section.
  5. If you chose the Creative Idealist (CI) as your top profile but you are very successful and accomplished in athletics, business, and educational pursuits you will want to read the KA profile section. Knowledgeable Achievers do a lot of thinking and will often see themselves as Thinkers but they still get more done in a day than anyone else on the planet. The actual CI does a lot more spinning in their head than getting things done. They have a hard time focusing on any one project, often having 10 going at once.

Now that you’ve read the helpful hints … Here are short summaries of the Core Soul Qualities and Defensive Qualities for Each Profile: (Enjoy reading about your Life Purpose gifts and what may be blocking you from living it)

Profile #1: Creative Idealist/Thinker

The Core Soul Quality: Creative Idealist

If the core soul quality you possess is the Creative Idealist, you have the ability to be highly creative, artistic and connect deeply to your own spirituality and the mental and spiritual realms. It is through your mind that you bring the world new ideas and inspiration–-from the latest gizmo or I-phone application to a deep understanding of cosmic reality.

Many novelists, inventors and poets fit into this category, creating beautiful fantasy lives in their minds. For the writer, their challenge is in learning to focus on bringing the product of their creativity to the market by engaging an editor, agent and publisher, and actually getting their book published. For the inventor, their challenge is in getting a patent and investors for a product. Creative Idealists are also at the cutting edge of higher learning, mathematics, science and research of any kind.

Creative idealists are very entertaining and can carry on conversations with almost anyone. They speak intelligently on many subjects–especially the ones they dabble in. They always want to keep life fresh and new and will call you to go out and have fun when a great band is in town or when a new restaurant opens. They are just as likely to get lost in their work for weeks on end as to be thrilled by new ideas, Google Map, new art or a new place to travel and sight see.

The Defense: Thinker

If you are a Creative Idealist, under stress and in defense you will exhibit the Thinker qualities of defense. In the Thinker defense, you spend much of your time in your head with your thoughts spinning. In this defense, there is a high degree of mental activity that distances you from life and your deeper feelings through your intellect. You spend so much time thinking and re-thinking your options that you often do not take action. You live in a constant state of paralysis by endlessly analyzing big decisions.

If you are in Thinker defense, it can seem to those you speak to that you’re not fully connected to what you’re saying, and you may jump from idea to idea during a conversation. People may think of you as a “space-shot” because you don’t appear connected to what’s going on around you, but you think you’re just thinking very deeply. You will love higher thinking in math, sciences, computers, internet or just thinking in your own unique way. You love to study and think deeply, so life is often more of a research project than a real visceral event. In spiritual terms, you may be a seeker, not a finder. You may have trouble manifesting your visions in a material way as you will have a tendency to wander when it comes to a project you are working on.

You have a primal fear of violence and avoid aggression or even simple disagreements at all costs. If someone you are in relationship with is aggressive, you tend to check out and go into a mental world dissociated from reality and go into a stress reaction even when the anger has nothing to do with you.

Creative Idealist/Thinker: Primary Mate

The Creative Idealist/Thinker does not generally gravitate to relationship with others, since they are much happier in relationship with their ideas or profession. When they do come into relationship, it will be through the secondary aspect of their profile.

Profile #2: Emotional Intelligence Specialist/Poor Me/Feeler

The Core Soul Quality: Emotional Intelligence Specialist

If the core soul quality you possess is the Emotional Intelligence Specialist, you realize you are full of love, and you know, not just believe, that love is as plentiful as the air you breathe. In this state of being, you become a guide for everyone you know to find their hearts and self-love. You can enjoy others so deeply that you help them access their deepest source of love just by your kindness and acceptance of them.

Your heart becomes so in tune with your environment and those in it that you find your true mission: to offer the world love and compassion in whatever walk of life you are in. You can be a wonderful teacher, parent and grandparent of young children, as well as adults, who feel your love and follow you like the Pied Piper. You help others let down rigid boundaries, open closed hearts, and support them in learning to trust again.

You can be very strong emotionally and set compassionate boundaries for others, even those who have abused you in the past. Love sometimes means letting others know that you will only be in relationship with them when they are in their personal integrity. You are never a victim once you own your Emotional Intelligence Specialist.

The Defense: Poor Me

As an Emotional Intelligence Specialist, when you are stressed or in defense, you will exhibit the Poor Me qualities of defense. In the Poor Me defense, you will be overwhelmed by your feelings and often wish you were not so emotionally sensitive. You may have an underlying feeling that what you do for others or what they do for you is “just not enough.”

In the Poor Me defense, no matter what happens, from the copy machine breaking down or a family crisis to the wars and destruction around the world, you are convinced that these events drained you more than anyone else, and you feel victimized by them. You may collapse, cry or get really angry and blame others, and then collapse when you are misunderstood. You may feel drained by your pain or personal loss, and you also feel drained when you hear about your friends’ pain and personal loss.

You were often told as a child that you are too sensitive and cry too often. You may even cry at commercials. Rather than asking for the love and nurturing that you really need from others, you may not ask or complain or talk about your unfair life situation to those who you want love from. When you do not ask for what you need and then tell others they are not enough emotionally, they do not know what to do and often abandon you, which is your greatest fear.

Emotional Intelligence Specialist: Poor Me Primary Mate

The Emotional Intelligence Specialist/Poor Me will find the Rule Keeper/ Knowledgeable Achiever as a primary mate. The Emotional Intelligence Specialist teaches the Knowledgeable Achiever how to love and open his/her heart, while the Knowledgeable Achiever teaches the Emotional Intelligence Specialist how to set boundaries and to realize the core gift in their sensitive nature.

Profile #3: Team Player/People Pleaser/Nurturer

The Core Soul Quality: Team Player

If your core soul quality is the Team Player, you are a wonderful friend to everyone you are in relationship with. Many people will consider you their best friend even if you don’t spend much time with them or feel the same. You feel comfortable in groups and truly see the soul and heart of everyone you know right through their eyes. You give freely, hold solid eye contact, see others without judgment, honor their strengths, and simultaneously will support them in their times of weakness.

You express your joy freely in relationships, and the qualities of attentiveness, perseverance and compassion for yourself and others is your hallmark. You are naturally attracted to and empowered by care giving and service professions in any disguise such as teaching, nursing, homecare, raising children and supporting family members. Your favorite pastimes are often socializing with friends, or playing with or teaching children.

You are tremendously hard working; doing many jobs others will not do or do not have the perseverance to do. You are the heartbeat of most organizations and are able to get any job done with a smile. You work well as a team player, not demanding the spotlight, but deeply knowing your importance within any organization or group and how to help everyone on your team be successful.

The Defense: People Pleaser

If you are a Team Player, when you are stressed or in defense you will tend toward the People Pleaser defense. In the People Pleaser defense, you will define your self-worth by how much you can do for others. Being a helper or healer is your calling, but in the defense, you lose yourself and give away more than you get in relationships. This eventually leaves you feeling exhausted, unappreciated and resentful of the relationships you want to give the most to. You have a very hard time saying no in any relationship. It is especially difficult when you have to say no in order to get your needs met and when someone else will go without.

Your resentment boils down to the following statement: “after all I have done for them . . . ” and then add whatever you are not receiving or what is not being acknowledged. Being unappreciated leads to passive aggressive actions of not doing what you promised or doing it late. This triggers criticism from the ones you try so hard to serve and eventually leads to your pent-up anger at not getting your needs met exploding. Later, you regret exploding.

Your hope is always that if you love and provide service or support for others, they will in turn do the same for you and love you. You want to please the important people in your life; otherwise, you unconsciously fear you’ll lose your loving connection to them. You sacrifice your individuality and your own needs to support these relationships.

Team Player/People Pleaser: Primary Mate

The Team Player/People Pleaser will find the Charismatic Leader/Enforcer as a primary mate. The Charismatic Leader gives the Team Player a leader to support, and the Team Player teaches the Charismatic Leader the importance of balance in relationship as well as the importance of honoring the path others are on.

Profile #4: Knowledgeable Achiever/Rule Keeper/Organizer

The Core Soul Quality: Knowledgeable Achiever

If your core soul quality is the Knowledgeable Achiever, your core soul qualities are mastery and intelligence with a mission of creating awareness, order and unity on the planet.
Your vision is one of universal pattern recognition. You see the soul in everyone you meet and not just their behavior. If they work for you, you guide them in expressing their core qualities and match the job to their gifts, rather than giving them a job and then firing them if they don’t perform the required work.

You release your strict drive for perfection and find that what your soul truly loves is mastery. Mastery is when you let go of all control and see how everything has perfection, even in chaos. In doing this, you find your level of influence and achievement goes from competitiveness to win to enthusiasm for infinite possibility.

By getting in touch with your true feelings, passions and love, you find that your heart longs for romance, tenderness and intimacy. Once your heart is integrated with your high-energy ability to take action, your life becomes playful and balanced. You inspire others with your incredible knowledge and achievement and “raise the bar” by showing them the potential of the human form and psyche.

The Defense: Rule Keeper

If you are a Knowledgeable Achiever, under stress or in defense you will tend toward the Rule Keeper defense. In the Rule Keeper defense, you can be highly self-critical, competitive and disciplined with the feeling you never have done enough–even if you are at the top of your field. You hold a personal bar just out of your own reach and yet strive for it daily. You will tend to organize your life based on practicality and efficiency rather than emotional needs. You compartmentalize people, events, jobs, and other aspects of life quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to waste time wondering how to deal with them.

You are highly intelligent in the areas of education and training. You tend to be the top of your field due to this willingness to learn, your knowledge and your intense work ethic. Many times you are more knowledgeable and accomplished than the people you go and see who are supposed to be experts in their field.

You will tend to be unemotional in most cases and will choose “appropriate” actions even in very tough situations. You can be cool under pressure. You see the world in black and white and often you feel a little disconnected because you understand the world but don’t feel it like others seem to. Others may see you as aloof, but you know you are protecting your heart by “doing” and being busy rather than wallowing in a feeling. You love outwardly with actions, gifts, and direct support of others, rather than being sappy and sentimental. You love yourself by keeping your body fit and pushing it to its highest limits. You always look younger than you are.

You will hold yourself and others to the highest standards and will often be seen by those in your family or at work as critical or judgmental, even though you believe you are helping them in the best possible way to see the “right” way of doing things. You do not distinguish between what someone does and who they are, so punishment is meted out fairly.

Rule Keeper/Knowledgeable Achiever: Primary Mate

The Rule Keeper/Knowledgeable Achiever will find the Emotional Intelligence Specialist/Poor Me as a primary mate. The Emotional Intelligence Specialist teaches the Knowledgeable Achiever how to love and open his/her heart, and the Knowledgeable Achiever teaches the Emotional Intelligence Specialist how to set boundaries and the core gifts in their sensitive nature.

Profile #5: Charismatic Leader/Enforcer

The Core Soul Qualities: Charismatic Leader

If the core soul quality you possess is the Charismatic Leader, you are born to lead and will find it very hard to follow another’s way of doing things. Charismatic leaders can take many forms. The most obvious are the warriors and leaders or actors, but they can also the great lovers, or the family protectors and caretakers. Because your life purpose is to lead, you may find that whatever situation you get into you will find a way to gain some level of control and leadership, either in the positive or the negative. In the positive you will have a direct influence and power with others to lead them to their highest potential. Your highest qualities are truth, justice and integrity. You can become a great motivational role model by following your own inner conscience and drive and lead others to do the same in their own lives.

You are highly intelligent in an intuitive gut-knowing way and can be a powerful leader/manager who can effectively take charge of large projects and many people or employees and motivate them. Or you can be the greatest mom, dad, volunteer, lover, world traveler, guru, etc. As a born actor, the entire world is a stage for you, and you realize that you can play any role that tickles your fancy, and you love all the roles you play. You can be the great hero warrior, business owner, loyal partner, or you can be the softest, most loving grandparent–the list is endless. All you have to do is to be called to it from your heart.
While power over others is the defense, empowering others by being a role model through your actions and a living example of strength, grace and willpower is your core soul quality.

The Defense: Enforcer

If you are a Charismatic Leader, under stress or in defense, you will exhibit the Enforcer qualities of defense. In the Enforcer defense, trusting in others can be very difficult. The fear that others will betray you or let you down if you depend on them triggers you to go it alone. You unconsciously believe you must be invincible and never vulnerable to rejection from others and going it alone, or you may go fully in the opposite direction and feel hopelessly helpless and angry with those who do not care, or attend to how much suffering and pain you experience in your life.

You will use your natural inner strength, dynamic nature and willpower to gain control over others’ decisions or to control your environment, so that it is safe for you and your loved ones. You will use any tact—forcefulness, aggression, charm, seduction, depression, illness or infirmity–to get your way and to create an environment that you can predict and know is safe. You do not do any of this consciously; defense by its nature is a survival mechanism and is a reaction to life instead of a conscious choice.

This profile has a powerful theatrical presence: the saying “you should get an Academy Award for that performance” is often appropriate even when you don’t think you are acting. As an Enforcer, you can also exhibit any of the other profiles, and you can play them so well and for so long that you forget your true dynamic nature and make that other profile your identity.

The Charismatic Leader has the highest energy level. You are born to lead or to be a warrior, and you know this innately. So when you cannot lead or control your environment, you may go into self-defeating defense where all that energy for leadership is turned against yourself or others. This can look like constant battling with family, the world, work, or self-sabotaging through destructive patterns like addictions, weight problems, money problems, depression and a feeling that you are broken somehow. Working for others never works out, and you will tend to change jobs every two to three years unless it is your own business.

Charismatic Leader/ Enforcer: Primary Mate

The Charismatic Leader/Enforcer will find the Team Player/People Pleaser as a primary mate. The Charismatic Leader gives the Team Player a leader to support and the Team Player teaches the Charismatic Leader the importance of balance in relationship and of honoring the path others are on.

General Info

Defense creates Defense, and Core Quality creates Core Quality

A person in defense is unconsciously protecting and holding back their true self out of fear. They are lying with their words and body language about who they really are. In relationship, anyone they interact with will also feel a need to protect themselves and go into defense when they feel the resistance and defensiveness of the other. Defense always creates defense as well as stressful relationships.

The good news is that consciousness and core soul qualities call forth core soul qualities in others. A person who is not defended will have relationships that are far more enjoyable and dynamic.

Primary and Secondary Defenses

All of us possess the ability to express each of the five defensive and core aspects of the Rhys Method® Profiles. But more than likely, your primary and secondary profiles consist of how you have lived for most of your life and from which you have created all of your relationship experiences.

Over your lifetime, you have gone into relationships from either your primary or secondary profile. And since the Creative Idealist will not choose to go into relationship as a Creative Idealist; they always go into relationship from their secondary profile or just choose to meet only at the mind level with another Creative Idealist.

Often as a child, your primary profile was not allowed, so you either had to live in your primary defense or take on your secondary profile trait. Whatever you chose as a child taught you how to come into relationship either in defense or from your secondary profile. By learning the Rhys Method® Profiles System, you can begin to see when you are creating relationships from anything other than your Core Soul Quality and begin to change your patterns of behavior. Anything less than your best becomes no fun for you and keeps you from getting all you are capable of! As you learn your true profile and all of its amazing abilities and gifts, you will never want to pretend you are someone you are not ever again.

Remember: Go Slowly!

It may have taken you 30 years or more to convince your partner and your family that you are who you have been pretending to be. It may take a while for them to get used to the new, more empowered version of you. Take it slowly. Begin with just noticing when you go into defense or are into a profile that is not really yours, and then gently bring yourself back to the present moment and the deeper truth of your core soul quality.

One Word of Caution

Just because you now can see other peoples’ core qualities and defenses does not mean that they are ready to see it. This introductory study of the profiles is for you and you alone.

Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles Specialist

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