Questionnaire 2

Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profile Questionnaire 2

How to take this Questionnaire

Purpose: The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you take the first step in uncovering which profiles are operating most strongly in your life. It is through this lens that you will learn to see your life purpose clearly.

Directions: Read each statement under each of the Five Life Purpose Profiles Qualities. If you or others would say that the statement has been generally true for you for most of your life, or it represents a common feeling or pattern for you from your past and present, then check the circle next to it. More than likely, you have already done some inner work on yourself and realize you have transcended some of these issues, so answer them as you would have answered them in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, etc., and not just now.

These are archetypal energies that have been with you your entire life. You do not develop them later in life or move beyond them at some age. You may shift from the defensive aspect of a profile to the core soul quality of it, or visa-versa, which may seem or look very different in your life, but they are really the same energy–just the light and dark aspects of it. Both are equally important in the discovery of your life purpose. You must experience your darkness, if you are to full appreciate your light.

Life Purpose Profiles Questionnaire #2
The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you take the first step in uncovering which profiles are operating most strongly in your life. It is through this lens that you will learn to see your life purpose clearly.

This questionnaire has additional statements and will help “hone” your profile.

Life Purpose Profiles Section # 1:
Read each statement, and check the box next to ALL statements that apply to you.
I have hyper energy and don’t need much sleep but have vivid dreams.
Parents/teachers/coaches said things like “stop showing off” “don’t act cocky” when I got attention.
I see everyone’s heart, and it makes my heart sad when someone is hurt in the heart emotionally.
I tend not to fight for my own self and feel defeated by others, but when I see someone who is being hurt or victimized by another I will fight for their rights and try to protect then.
I struggle with really feeling my emotions that other people seem to want me to feel.
When I feel unsafe, I can disappear even while I am still present.
I may have had some anorexia when I was a teenager.
When listening to others I find that I often find a hole in their logic and get frustrated with people who just like to talk with no obvious purpose.
I often find myself distressed and anxious, but am unable to put my finger on the problem.
I have little interest in present circumstances, often daydreaming and wishing I were somewhere else.
I feel shame and humiliation whenever I think about my screw ups or when I let someone down in the past including me.
I am extremely careful to never make anyone feel rejected or judged (even if some people say they are a jerk).
As soon as I no longer needed to work to survive (i.e. married, inheritance, disability, etc) I stopped.
When listening to others, I sometimes cut them off when I understand what they are trying to say and aren’t getting to the point(I can get frustrated just listening).
I am more comfortable in my thoughts than my feelings and often confront my problems with mental solutions.
Under intense stress I can become nervous and have “paralysis by analysis”.
When listening to others I already have what I want to say in my mind making it hard for me to concentrate fully on what they are saying.
I totally have the right to complain to those who are supposed to love me but are being mean.
When others love me I can feel it and I melt inside.
I have an irrational fear that if I really show my brilliance and put myself and my ideas out there…I will be attacked by small minded people in power.
Life Purpose Profiles Section # 2:
Read each statement, and check the box next to ALL statements that apply to you.
I am extremely playful and childlike at heart (and I color outside the lines!).
Sometimes I know there is no solution to my problems and no one understands me.
I often feel that others are mad at me.
I can easily build rapport with others and “speak their language,” I wonder if I was a chameleon in a past life.
My body easily responds to conditioning and weight training, I can bulk up or slim down quickly when I am motivated to do it.
Faced with a hard situation I find myself saying, “Why does this always happen to me”.
I love animals, they seem to understand me and me them.
I sense many spiritual dimensions and often see and talk to other worldly guides.
Stress tires me more than others.
I do not try things for fear of failing.
I am totally open to learning from other people new ways of looking at things and find that interesting.
I feel like I get teased a lot and sometimes feel the brunt of their jokes, but I always laugh it off, but in a deep way feeling humiliated when it goes too far.
I often feel that I may not be fully ready to tackle my day, and I wish I had more energy.
When I am mad about something I can stew about it for days or months.
When I have to confront other people about their work or behavior, I give very specific reasons and examples when stating my case.
Sometimes I secretly fantasize about getting back at people, having them be publicly humiliated.
I complain often but feel that if I don’t I my needs will never be heard.
I love to read and can get emotionally lost in a book for hours on end.
I really don’t think I am better or deserve more than anyone else.
I am very aware when anyone feels socially uncomfortable in the room and will go out of my way to talk to them and make them feel welcome/part of the group.

Life Purpose Profiles Section # 3:
Read each statement, and check the box next to ALL statements that apply to you.
If I am treated unfairly by another person, I think about what I would like to do, but will usually avoid confrontation.
When playing a game, I play for fun mostly, and can lose my balance or footing and am forgetful of the score.
I am great at building bridges between people.
Sometime I hold back on what I know I need to do because I don’t want to become the target for others criticism.
I have always been big strong and heavy set, but I am fast and coordinated and graceful when I choose to be.
I don’t like large groups and can even feel the weight of negativity from too many people and I get drained.
I love bringing new people into my social group, more is better when it comes to friends.
I have been in a relationship with a needy/demanding person who made me feel guilty and or humiliated at times.
I often feel like a taxi service for my children.
I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist (and intelligent people agree with me!).
I volunteer a lot, especially when they can’t get anyone to do it (I feel bad and guilty if I don’t help!).
I give blood every time the blood mobile comes and get embarrassed when I find out I am anemic.
My gift is to see totally beyond the box (not just outside the box).
I also have an event where I betrayed myself and did not do what I knew was right, or kept quiet about something that I shouldn’t have.
I tend to throw myself into my projects, neglecting my own needs to achieve a goal.
Others would describe me as together, intelligent, appropriate, very organized.
I pride myself for not taking credit for everything I do, kind of an unsung hero.
I value love and compassion as one of my highest values.
Under intense stress I just work harder and raise the bar of my personal expectations even if it burns the candle at both ends.
I am critical of how I look and actively work to change my physical appearance.

Life Purpose Profiles Section # 4:
Read each statement, and check the box next to ALL statements that apply to you.
I can get easily distracted and go off on a tangent for hours.
I love introducing people who I think can really connect or network in a beneficial way and ask nothing in return, I am just happy for them.
I am not really that aware of time passing.
I have treated my body like a machine and eat based on my current self image not on whether I am hungry, and condition for the same reason.
I can be focused and dependable, and complete what I set out to do, regardless of the challenge.
Whenever I really want something I can get it through charm, or arguing, or using some kind of leverage, or I can withhold longer than the other to get what I want.
When someone wrongs me and I am really angry, I feel incensed with anger and rage and will go on the attack. I say things like “how dare you?”.
I am rarely content with my accomplishments, because I could always do better.
I can get so driven to make a point that I unconsciously choose being “right” over being happy in a situation, relationship or in my self-acceptance.
I would love to be seen as an expert or authority in my field.
I may use one of my ailments to justify that I am entitled to get my way when I normally don’t feel I have the right to ask for what I want.
I feel it is important to make an example of myself by living up to my ideals, so that others may follow.
I can be black and white in relationships, they are good and I am involved or they are bad and I am out.
I can be a great parent and throw myself into caring for my family and neglect my own needs because it is the right thing to do and that is what good people do.
I LOVE winning but hate practicing and preparing for competition but do well by gut instinct.
I often request things to be done in a very specific way for really good reasons (and I am happy to share those reasonable, rational reasons).
I am a great salesman.
I have vague fears which I cannot explain.
I believe in past lives.
In the past I have used my anger or powerful persuasion to hurt others and did not feel guilty in the least. Now I wish I hadn’t done it.

Life Purpose Profiles Section # 5:
Read each statement, and check the box next to ALL statements that apply to you.
People tell me I can be scary or overbearing when I am angry (and that kind of works for me).
I have a great memory for people (names and faces) and details they shared with me.
I have lots of people-connections and networks, and people often rely on me as a resource for my great networks.
As a child I fantasized about being a superhero, magic or super-smart/super-strong.
I am willing to take personal risks to defend my beliefs and am easily incensed by injustice, arguing for and defending principles I believe in.
I do not like negativity or confrontation and feel that others can be heartless.
Sometimes I feel like I can get in a hole I can’t climb out of.
I know I have greatness within me and I see what to do when no else does.
When I am feeling good, I see the big picture even around past events that didn’t go well and encourage others to see the big picture as well!
Under stress, I hold my feelings in, not wishing to be show any weakness.
I like to be theatrical and often add a little acting in my relationships to enhance my ability to persuade another.
I find myself preoccupied with small physical problems, such as pimples, small blemishes or rashes, while overlooking more serious conditions in my body.
I dislike being in charge of others and may get very emotional if I make a bad choice or get rejected.
I love deep relationships but are often get fatigued and emotional with strong personalities.
Sometimes I have so much to do, I feel stuck in my life, like I can’t win.
I value other people and relationships as my highest values.
I can be an observer and distant even in my closest relationships when I see the right thing to do is let them work it out for themselves.
If I am treated unfairly or controlled by another person, I see it as their problem and dismiss the relationship or avoid them in the future.
When I am in love with someone, I can sweep them off their feet with my deep caring affection or really take care of them and their deepest needs.


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