Background of the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles System

Where did the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profile System Come From?

Rhys Method Life Purpose ProfilesThe Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles are based on the psychological work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Dr. Alexander Lowen that focused on how the character of an individual arises or is stifled through trauma, or early core wounding in childhood which in turn affects both their mental and physical health. Through working with thousands of psychiatric patients in sanitariums as well as their private clients, they found that mental health could not be separated from bodily health. Their work stood in opposition to Freud’s work which was focused solely on the mind.


Reich and Lowen discovered there were five distinct character types of people with five distinct types of body, mental and emotional gifts and deficits. These five group qualities were so pronounced that Lowen and Reich would challenge any psychologist to bring them any patient and within minutes they could hand them back a detailed history of this person’s life challenges, long-term behavior patterns as well as why they were presented with the specific neurotic tendencies they had. They also included in their report, specific body therapies that would bring about both mental and physical stability when practiced.


Lowen and Reich called these five personality types “Character Structures” and saw them as the underlying motivators in a person’s life. They spent many years developing a full body approach to mental and physical health based on the premise that both mental and physical health issues are not random but are rather the cause of energetic restriction in the body which limits the person’s ability to express their feelings or needs in the moment.


Between the 1940’s and 1970’s, Lowen went on to develop the first body-centered psychotherapy called Bioenergetics. His books and papers are very scientific and psychological and designed for clinical settings and therapists with clients inDr. Alexander Lowen need of therapy. Even though his theories are profound and earth shattering for anyone who learns the system, his writing is difficult to understand and apply for mass consumption and personal growth. And most importantly, as a psychiatrist he saw the “Character Structures” as triggered by causative events that were based on developmental stages of wounding rather than a core human quality that needed to emerge.


Through many years of study and mastery of the Character Structures, Rhys stumbled upon a deeper truth–it is the core human quality that holds the secret to humankind. The secret that was not fully captured by Lowen and Reich is that people are not created or molded by circumstance, they are revealed by them. There are not five ways that people behave based on their life situations, there are five very distinct spiritual species of human beings, or “soul” qualities in individuals that react in five general ways to the challenges of living a human life!


The Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles have been developed to make this amazing discovery understandable and accessible to all people. Based on Lowen’s five Character Structures, the Rhys Method® focuses on the positive core soul qualities he calls the Five Life Purpose Profiles.


Once you know your profile, you will have found a powerful and direct way to awaken to your life purpose and to your spiritual soul qualities. Rhys developed this system by watching the amazing transformation of thousands of Life and Energy Mastery School students and private clients and is now ready to offer his system to the world.


To master the profile system is to do what all self-help and spiritual teachers point toward but cannot touch, it is to truly “know thy self!”


The five human soul species are seen through the five essential human qualities that must exist in every culture, society and structure in humanity. Every culture that does not honor all of its people as equal in value is destined for failure. Since there are very few cultures that do that on this planet, this work is essential if progress is going to be made for our survival as a species on this planet.


In simple terms, they are thinkers, feelers, caretakers, organizers and leaders. Every person on the planet belongs in one of these groups and knowing what you are is integral to ever understanding your life purpose in any moment of your life.


The Life Purpose Profiles have five easy-to-remember names for them. They are:

  • The Creative Idealist –who represents the highest and most creative thinkers
  • The Emotional Intelligence Specialist –who represents the feelers and are the most empathic and gentlest people
  • The Team Player –who represents the caretakers and are those who love being supportive to others in everything they do
  • The Knowledgeable Achiever –who represents the organizers and achievers through knowledge and who see the big picture and who master and successfully complete tasks
  • The Charismatic Leader –who represents the leaders and are people who are willing to take the risks to lead others and fight for the causes worth fighting for or use their charisma to convince others to live more fully

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