Why Crystal Bowls are used at the Rhys Thomas Institute

Crystal bowls train a person to be what is usually called psychic or intuitive. Intuition is not really a special skill; it just shows when you are open to the vibrations that are present in the environment. For an Energy Master Practitioner to be intuitive as well as safe and self-aware, they need to be free of the general chakra blocks that limit most people from being truly intuitive.

The Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls are the most powerful training tools that I have come across to teach healers and Energy Master Practitioners to hold their energy fields at a much higher level of consciousness in order to support their guidance, healing and transformation. Once they are able to feel their energy field, they can consciously focus their energy to simultaneously live their life purpose and support the healing of their client. When they are in their life purpose, they are gaining rather than losing energy, which makes healing safe for them. They are able to enhance and expand specific levels of energy in support of a client who is depleted at that level.

An Energy Master Practitioner uses his/her body as a vibrational, color and sound healing tool to bring the client into resonance and to help them open to their own inner guidance, from which real healing arises. I firmly believe the crystal bowls are essential training for healers.

The Energy Master Practitioners also use the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls Healing Music as background music to support the specific energies that are needed to be held during the healing.

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