How to Begin to Use the Crystal Bowls

How to Begin to Use the Crystal Bowls

How to Listen to Crystal Bowls

How to listen: You will want to listen to the crystal bowls through the best stereo speakers you have. Headphones will not work as well because your body and skeletal structure are very important listening tools in this process. The best way to listen to bowls is when laying down on a comfortable, but firm, mat or bed with an eye pillow and any supports you need under your legs or neck. The best time to listen is just when you are waking up in the morning or just before bed. If you are doing chakra awareness, you can do it at any time and there should be relatively little chaos and other noise, so you can relax and feel deeply.

How to Personally Awaken Your Chakras

Step One: Learning to Enjoy the Bowls

Step one is to learn to relax with the crystal bowls: Before you begin to assess your chakras and awaken your twelve levels of consciousness you will first want to let your energy field become accustomed to the sounds and vibrations of the crystal bowls. Download Number 1 is called Universal Balance, and lasts for 24 minutes. I recommend this one as a first-time crystal bowl experience. It is just the bowls without any voices, and they play in various harmonies that relax every energy center in the body. Play this download in the morning when you wake up and or at night just before bed for a week.

Step Two: Finding Your Tone

Step two is to find your favorite tone: To do that you will need to download the twelve tones MP3. You will use this download whenever you are doing any kind of chakra assessment. In this Audio are the twelve one-minute tones, and each tone is a combination of multiple true tone bowls of different sizes and different energies. Each tone holds the full vibration of the energy center it represents.

Begin by just listening to all twelve bowls through a couple times and note which track numbers of the twelve you like the most and which ones the least. Do this for two to three days until you are pretty sure which bowl tones are your top three or four. Then put your music player on shuffle, close your eyes, and only open them when you feel a tone that awakens you in some way or allows you to feel a strong or soothing vibration in your body. The feelings may trigger memories, or places, or transcendent feelings of being lifted or visceral feelings of being solid. Only you know what feels the best to you, so let that be your guide. Your experiences can be very different–they may wake you up, may bring you a feeling of joy, relaxation or peace, while others may open you. You are only looking for bowls that make you feel good at this point. Note which ones you settle on as your top two to four and then have someone else help you. Have them randomly play the two to four selections until you know which one is your favorite.

Once you find your favorite, you can download a 10-minute version of that tone or your top three to make your own perfect meditation CD.

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