A New Language for Your Mind

The Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls are the solution for removing the language barrier between your thinking mind and the twelve levels of your consciousness. Each of the chakras sends out a vibration that perfectly matches the seven major notes on the diatonic scale, C, D, E ,F, G, A, B, and the five spiritual levels perfectly match up with the five sharps (flats) C#, D#, F#, G#, and A#. What that means for you is that when one of the pure crystal bowl tones plays, it will awaken and enhance one specific chakra. It will amplify its tone so greatly that you will have an experience of how it speaks to you through a body sensation, vision, memory or a specific kind of vibration that lets you know it is speaking. Rhys Method Crystal Bowls Over time you will be able to feel these levels without the bowls playing. This is what we teach our Life and Energy Mastery students as they develop into Full Spectrum Healers.

The spiritual masters have been doing this for thousands of years–listening to their twelve levels of consciousness. We see them as transcendent beings because we are not used to someone living by their inner rather than outer signals. The reality is that they were just using their system as it is meant to be used. They had no special gifts; they just didn’t block the vibrations and recognized them as their most important guidance. Crystal bowls train this ability in anyone who is willing to listen to them and then act on what they feel.

Crystal Bowls Vibrate at the Human Level

There are many forms of sound healing but none match the depth of crystal bowls for awakening our deeper sense of self. The reason is simple–crystal bowls are made of pure crystal and create a specific and powerful sound, or sine wave, which holds the crystal quality in the sound and vibration it sends out. Metal instruments send out a metal Rhys Thomas and crystal bowlsvibration, and wood instruments send out wood vibrations. Human beings are made almost completely of water, a liquid crystal, which vibrates at a crystalline level. The crystal bowls resonate directly with the crystalline quality within people, and they support them in holding a higher, stronger and more pure vibration in the energy center of its same note or over tone.

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