What is a Chakra?

What is a Chakra?

Although there is a lot of mystery and misunderstanding around what a chakra is, there is nothing mysterious or mystical about it.

A chakra is simply a location or portal within a larger host structure or system where energy of a specific kind is allowed to enter. Once inside, this new energy is able to assimilate with the existing energy in the host which changes both the energy and the host in some way. Then that new energy is expressed back out of the same portal or is transmuted to a higher or lower vibration or quality and is expressed in that way. This enhances the energy of both the host and the quality of the energy that is being sent back out into the world.

We will use a kitchen in a restaurant as a physical example of a chakra. A shipment of shrimp is delivered by the same distributor to two different restaurants, which are located side by side. Both restaurants accept the order because they know how to assimilate and work with that kind of energy (shrimp). If the delivery man made a mistake and went into the accounting office above the restaurant, the accountants would reject the shrimp because that is not the energy they work with.

The shrimp are successfully delivered to the kitchen of each restaurant in their raw form, are given to the chef, which is the energy of the host, and are then made into shrimp scampi in one kitchen and tempura shrimp in the other kitchen. This energy feeds each chef’s family with the money they make from preparing the dinner as well as feeding the patrons who love to eat the shrimp and are energized by the food. The energy goes into the patrons who are another form of chakra, and the energy just keeps on moving.

Each of your twelve chakras is like the restaurant and is designed to take in just the energy it needs for you to live your life purpose. Once you allow that energy in, you can use it to live that particular level of your life purpose in the same way that eating good food in the right amounts feeds your body, your chakra and life purpose are healthy.

Chakras can be open, closed, have blocks or be open too wide. Some examples include the following: If a restaurant receives forty pounds of shrimp when they only needed ten pounds, they will lose money. If the restaurant cannot get shipments because of bad credit, they will not be able to offer the specialty of the house and will not be as popular. If a person eats junk food or starves themselves to look a certain way, they will not be healthy in their body chakra and will not create energy in their relationships, so they will create an energetic drain instead.

The health of a chakra is based on how broadly it allows energy and information to trigger it in positive expressions which support the life purpose of the host.

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