The Twelve Levels of Life Purpose Consciousness

The Twelve Levels of Life Purpose Consciousness

The twelve levels of life purpose consciousness are comprised of the seven traditional levels of energy in your body typically called “chakras” and are the awareness and consciousness centers of your body that you use in your daily life. The other five levels are spiritual consciousness centers of awareness that give you your deeper meaning and the ability to live life purposefully and with integrity.

Experiencing any one of the twelve levels fully, or in an unfiltered way, creates a state of inner peace and joyful awareness of your life purpose at that level. Many healing modalities and practices achieve this–such as meditation where a person can become so attuned to the spiritual level they can lower their heart rate, touch red hot embers without blistering and other amazing feats. But that same person may not be able to hold down a job, be a loving parent or spouse or deal with their ever-changing world and life. With an Olympic champion skater, is her life purpose really just to skate? What happens after she retires from skating? What kind of person is she? How deeply does she love? What is her gift in each moment during her 50’s and 60’s?

The goal of the Rhys Method® Chakras is to begin the much more powerful healing path of integrating all the centers, because each one has a very unique way of awakening your life purpose that the others cannot do, no matter how specialized you are in them. By coming into balance with all of them, you give yourself the raw power and conscious awareness to live a truly uncommon and vibrant life until the end of your days.

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