Chakras and the Aura

Chakras in and around the human body create the body’s auric field and are the component parts of each person’sChakras and the Aura energetic anatomy. Chakras have been studied and used as healing tools for 10,000 years in the esoteric yogic traditions in India. More recently, they have been modernized and understood in a very practical sense through the genius minds and writings of Anodea Judith and Carolyn Myss. The two have clarified chakras as the underlying source of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience. They beautifully synthesized the religious, spiritual and psychological connections with each of these energy systems so that we all can benefit from the knowledge of chakras.

What Your Chakras tell You

Chakras practically represent your energetic circuitry that allows you to experience every major aspect of your life.
chakra-chartHow you let energy flow through them tells you how you will live your life and how close or how far from your life purpose you will live. Knowing your individual capacity to move chakra energy through your system teaches you how you experience life and how you are drawn to your life purpose. If you have the lower body and emotional chakras of an NFL football player–260 pounds and aggressive by nature–ballet may not be the best way of expressing yourself, even if your mom did run a ballet school. This is an obvious example, but for the rest of us, our life choices can be very subtle and more difficult to understand. Knowing how to be guided by your chakras is very helpful.

The Rhys Method® Chakras are the next step to work with after you discover your Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profiles. By understanding the chakras, you will understand the importance of balance between your primary qualities that you likely over use, and your subtle secondary qualities that are there to teach you how to find balance. In the traditional martial arts, the student was trained in both the fighting arts and the subtle arts of calligraphy or tending a tiny garden. Mastery in both would be the test of the real master. One’s life purpose is so simple that most of us miss it completely.

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