Rhys Method® Chakras

Becoming Congruent

Now that you know your Primary Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profile, how do you begin to support that life purpose and live it in your life beginning today? We said in the profile introduction that a life purpose is never a thought, or a job, or Rhys Method Chakrasanother person, or some object, goal or amount of money you can earn. So what is it? By understanding your profile you are able to focus your attention on what your life purpose will look like to your mind and in the bigger picture of relationships and the world. But, the place where your life purpose counts the most is how it feels when you are living it! You are your life purpose. Your life purpose is a feeling not a thought. Your thoughts can’t create a life purpose and the passion to live it. “Feeling” who you are in every sensation, emotion and action as well as whom you are drawn to in your life is how you begin to live your life purpose.

If you have chosen your correct profile, which is a simple representation of your spiritual life purpose as part of humanity, it is time also to allow the understanding that your body, mind and emotions are perfectly designed to live those qualities and are your physical life purpose, day by day, moment by moment. Knowing your life purpose can be just a wasted mental activity if you don’t employ it. All the fun of living, all the health and well-being are in the living of your life purpose.

To integrate your profile in your life is to realize that you could not have that profile and its gifts if you did not already possess the amazing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tools needed to express it fully. These tools are what we will be calling your chakras!

The Rhys Method® Chakras will show you how to live your individual potential–physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually. Learning to harness and combine all your core qualities and levels of self-awareness allow you to be “congruent” (in agreement) in your thoughts and actions.

To live your life purpose, you must be congruent body, mind and soul. Your life purpose profile gives you the first step by mentally remembering who you have always been. The Rhys Method® Chakras represent the first tool in discovering all the qualities of awareness that need to come into balance if you are to embody and live your life purpose.

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