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The 4 Dimensional Healing Matrix

Your body and energy are made up of 4 energy systems that when integrated are the key to health and living at your highest potential.

A Time-Tested Method

Over the last 20 years Rhys Thomas has taught thousands of people to unlock their healing potential through his Energy Healing School in Boston, and his best-selling book, Discover Your Purpose. He has had the great fortune of often creating healing and transformation where other methods have failed.

You Can Heal Yourself

You don’t need “special powers” to heal into your highest potential.  Rhys will show you that all healing is Self-Healing with simple yet powerful techniques anyone can do.

You are likely aware of your physical body, immune system, and chakras that when blocked can cause illness and pain…

but what very few people know is…

you have an even deeper dimensional energetic body and spiritual immune system that connects you to your inner purpose and soul essence.

The four together create a 4 Dimensional Healing Matrix which is the source of your power to self-heal your body, emotions and relationships?

In 60 minutes Rhys will share with you the 4 Secrets to Self Healing and how with easy daily practices you can access the 4 Dimensional Healing Matrix within you to awaken your natural inner gifts and your highest level of health and wellbeing.

When you heal,
you smile…

Life is hard enough… it’s time to debunk the idea the healing has to be hard and painful…

“A happy person heals…
and a healed person is happy!”

Tapping the 4 Dimensional Healing Matrix liberates your soul essence and your natural empowered state of health, joy and enthusiasm for life.

How do you start self healing?



How a sense of “emptiness” in your life, even if you are successful… can be a calling to redesign a more holistic and fulfilling life


An inner permission to take back your power to heal from current medical practices of pills and surgeries


How physical symptoms can be pointers to underlying energetic disturbances


How to change the “getting old” model… for being younger and healthier


Why working with the lower chakras is the key to a total energy balance


Why we now need to move beyond 7 charkas to 12 chakras that include your soul purpose and soul essence creating a 4 Dimensional Healing Matrix


5 simple practices to remove energy blocks to live more vibrantly


How Gail, one of our students, said goodbye to a “Death Sentence” by shifting her energy


2 of my favorite ways to quickly charge up your energy


3 simple ways to use crystal bowls to maser your energy body


A way to take this work even further after the webinar to fully unlock your natural abilities to self heal through the chakras in a 30 day program

And if you stay on till the end of the webinar, you will get a free gift from me that I have never give anyone outside my school and is sure to kick start your healing empowerment!


If you have ever felt stuck, or can’t figure out what to do in your life, it is because you have cut yourself off from these deeper levels of clarity and wisdom.

Join Rhys Thomas for this revealing talk:

Meet the Presenter

Rhys Thomas…

Teacher Healer Energy Healing Expert Author Black Belt Martial Artist Tennis Pro

Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker and trainer in the energy medicine field for over 20 years. He is founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Healing, and is the author of international best-selling book, Discover Your Purpose.   He created the “4 Dimensional Healing Matrix” system that is the missing link in integrative healing and finding your true North in life.

Join Rhys in this one hour webinar where you will feel uplifted and walk away with practical ways of accessing the wisdom of your body and energy field and methods to live a more vibrant life.

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