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Become a RTI Limitless Possibilities Member and you’ll receive…


Access Over $50,000 worth of content and trainings given in live video and audio recordings over the past 15 years in Rhys Thomas Institute and in live and on line trainings.  This is the first time any of this material is being shared with the public.  Every course within the Membership site will enlighten and energize you and help you to age slower, heal faster, and align with your deepest soul purpose.

Love Your lIfe WORKSHOPS

The first Thursday of every month I will share tips, practices, and energy wisdom and techniques to support you in living your highest potential!


Each month you will receive one energy healing, pineal popping, heart opening, 5D diving, crystal bowl vibrating meditation or energy practice to support you through the whole month.

Connection calls

Every quarter, you’ll get to connected with like-minded thinkers in small break-out groups.


Which will increase your awareness and vision for your life.


Every month get one powerful spiritual practice or meditation to use daily to increase your consciousness and change your state. 


Receive daily energy gifts full of brilliance and love to uplevel your day.

ask a question from rhys

Your questions will be answered on the Thursday Creating the life you love workshops.

A spiritual and supportive facebook community

Sharing your empowerment story may be the most powerful healing technique in the world. Receive and give support in times of joy and time of challenge.

You are so much more than you have ever imagined, let us awaken what is most extraordinary within you!

Through This Membership We Will Explore The 4 Dimensions Of Healing:

MASTER and HEAL and TRANSFORM your body and mind in Level 1…

ACTIVATE YOUR CHAKRAS with the laws of attraction and become more energy than matter at Level 2…

Unleash the spiritual power of KNOWING YOUR TRUE GIFTS and purpose at Level 3…

Awaken to the PURE JOY and INNER PEACE of being your soul essence at Level 4

Learning how to be aligned with my core Self qualities versus the 3D world, has eases daily struggles and brings easier manifestations that has lead more and more to gratitude, appreciation, joy, and love.


Those crystal bowls and meditations!!!!!! The messages I receive during those times are opening the door for my inner guidance…I believe there are unique KEYS to finding my SOUL purpose in those messages.


Become a RTI Limitless Possibilities Member and you’ll receive…

Private Access to the Rhys Thomas Institute Limitless Possibilities Members-Only Video and Audio Vault

Monthly Creating the Life You Love Workshops

Monthly Meditation, Sound Healing or Energy Healing Practice

Quarterly Zoom Connection Calls


Increase your Energy and Frequency

Spiritual Practices

Quote of the Day


Ask a Question from Rhys

A Spiritual & Supportive Facebook Community

What you will learn with each course and workshop in the Limitless Possibilities Membership:


Practical, and applicable tips and new ways to step into your highest potential and manifest the life of your dreams.

How a shift in perspective is a shift in energy and a shift in energy is a shift in in your life.
Every topic shared, from health, to relationships, to psychic, to healing, to ancient civilizations, to pyramids, to higher states of consciousness are proven systems that have helped thousands in the Rhys Thomas Institute and in Rhys’ life personally.
Easy to use and quick techniques and affirmations to keep you on track even when you are working!
You never walk in the same river twice. Rhys is a creative idealist and rarely does the same lecture twice even on the same subject, don’t miss any of them…

Quarterly Zoom Breakout Soul Building Groups

Once a quarter, we will meet on Zoom so that everyone can connect in small group and with me personally to and build the soul community energy and put a face in the Facebook posts.

What you will do at each break-out group:


Connect with people from around the world.


Share your profile, your chakras, and your meditation experiences and learn from other experiences


Make a soul friend that may last a lifetime.


Get and give support to each other and put a face to the love in the group


Ask questions and share epiphanies

Wow, the generosity of this site is amazing I just hope live long enough to do all of it!  


I think I am moving from level 2 to level 3, my life and work are coming into alignment for the first time!



RTI Limitless Possibilities Membership Course Video and Audio Vault

Access over $50,000 worth of content and trainings given in live video and audio recordings from the thousands of hours in the Rhys Thomas Institute and hundreds of workshops and webinars.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTI Limitless Possibilities Membership?

We’re a budding community of heart centered healers, spiritual seekers and people looking to live at an optimal level of energy and health.  We meet weekly to create a continuity and energy flow and let people ask questions as they dig into the Vault and surprise themselves.

The membership includes:

  • Monthly “Creating the Life You Love” Workshops
  • Quarterly Zoom Calls for connection with the tribe
  • Access to the Limitless Potential Vault (Like getting 30 virtual classes)
  • Quote of the day
  • Monthly spiritual power meditation practice
  • Ask questions of Rhys
  • Supportive online community
What’s the difference between the 4 prices?

All payments get the same access. The value of a mastermind like this with Rhys Thomas is well over $100 per month.  Students at the Rhys Thomas Institute pay $900 per month to be in the school where these materials come from.  The Vault has over $17,000 in programs packed into it if purchased separately. 

In such chaotic times we want to make this work available to as many people as possible and for those who are in need of the lower price we offer a sliding scale.  The money you spend is not only a great investment in yourself, but goes toward building a better and better site, scholarships for those in need, and serve humanity in a totally empowering way. Please choose a price that you can afford and honors the work Rhys has created in the Enlightenment Portal Mastermind Membership.

Regardless of what you pay everyone receives the same amazing program and services. 

Will I actually get to learn directly from Rhys?

Yes! You will get to learn from Rhys me directly in all programs and all the material in the Vault are lessons Rhys has created. 

What time do the Creating The Life You Love Facebook Workshops take place, and will they be recorded?

The workshops take place the first Thursday  of the month at 10 am ET. If you aren’t able to attend live, no worries, they are all recorded and will be in the Vault soon after.

What kind of people do this work?

The soul tribe as Rhys calls it forms around the principle of integrity, love, and enthusiasm for life and a deep desire to live at your highest potential.  These good caring healer and spiritual pioneers are from all over the world.  The Facebook group and the zoom meetings are a great way to connect.  (no one is allowed to promote their businesses in the groups solicit other members.  We keep the energy clean)

How much time will it require from me?

Being fully online, you can spend as much time or as little time as you see fit at this moment in your life.  You will likely not exhaust the Vault in less than  few years even if you are a super achiever and the monthly meditations and weekly talks with Rhys keep things fresh. 

Are there scholarships available?

Yes there are a limited number of scholarships available for those in sever financial straits.  Reach out to support if the sliding scale is still too high.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Your membership is monthly and you can cancel at any time.  Canceling mid month means your membership will end at the end of the month and you will not get another charge to your credit card. 

If you pay for a full year and choose to drop in the middle of the year, you will only be charged a normal monthly rate for your membership months and the rest will be refunded.


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