“The Rhys Thomas’ Life Mastery Training Program is unparalleled in its brilliance, insight, and scope for tapping into your true power for a total transformation in your life.  LMT utilizes an array of tools that helps you unlock who you truly are, what your superpowers are, your archetypes and your own unique essence.  Since graduating from the school last year, my life has completely transformed.  Where I used to navigate through the world with low-grade anxiety, now I do so with a low hum of happiness (and that’s on a bad day!) and excitement, empowerment, and optimism.  Everything is more fun, I look forward to each day and feel that I’m riding the waves of possibility.  Rhys Thomas is a brilliant teacher with an uncommon and sage-like ability to see you, who you truly are and what your great potential is, and shine it up to diamond-like brilliance.   Having the energy of the school in your life is like having the wind at your back always – it is a very special place indeed.”