Free 60 Minute Online Class Reveals How to Increase Your Vital Chakra and Chi Energy, Release Past Injuries and Traumas, Tap Into Your Highest Inner Healing Gifts


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Are you ready to step into your higher power and purpose to heal?


Are you ready to let go of stress, depression toxic relationships and past traumas?


Do you want to go from feeling empty to feeling fulfilled?

You are likely aware of your physical body and it’s immune system… and you may be aware of the chakra system and it’s seven energy centers that when out of balance cause pain and suffering…


Are you aware that those are only 2 of 4 essential healing systems that must come into alignment for your to create your highest level of health and wellbeing?

Healing begins when you increase your vital energy and remember your natural state of health and wellbeing, more than you remember what it feels like to be sick or stuck.

Hi, I’m master energy teacher

Rhys Thomas

Join me in this FREE  webinar where I will share with you 4 Dimensional Healing practices that integrate ancient and cutting edge healing wisdoms.

This wisdom can be yours now

There is a secret that you are not being told about what really heals you…

Real healing and moving beyond aging and infirmity is within your grasp now.

When you increase your vital energy and have more attention on your natural soul state of health and wellbeing, more than you remember what it feels like to be sick or stuck illness just falls away like it never existed.

Once you make this inner shift, your body creates the healing chemicals specifically designed to heal you that pharmacies don’t even know about yet and you doctor hasn’t been trained in.


How do you start self healing?

Join master energy teacher Rhys Thomas in this FREE webinar as he shares how access the wisdom of 4 Dimensional Healing to tap your highest healing potential

In this free 1 hour talk Rhys will share with you the 4 Dimensional Healing secret that will transform your ability to heal and transcend any blocks to your happiness and power.

He will cover:


Moving the body from chemicals to electricity


What chakras really do and how to harness their healing gifts


The 2 missing energetic dimensions of healing


How to bring our mind, heart and soul into a healing coherence


A step by step system for healing anything and being fearless in the face of your biggest life struggles.

And so much more!

If you have ever felt stuck, or can’t figure out what to do in your life, it is because you have cut yourself off from these deeper levels of clarity and wisdom.

Join Rhys Thomas on Saturday, March 14th
from 2:00-3:00pm ET/11:00am-12:00pm PT
for a life-changing talk:

How to Release Old Stories, Redesign Your Life, and Liberate Your Highest Gifts


Meet the Presenter

Rhys Thomas is a visionary author, speaker and trainer in the energy medicine field for over 20 years. He is the creator of the 4 Dimensional Healing system, founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Healing, and is the author of international best-selling book, Discover Your Purpose, that shows you how to discover and harness your Soul Profile to live the life you were born to live.

Join Rhys in this one hour webinar where he will share his energy medicine wisdom that is guaranteed to awaken your ability to self heal and live a more vibrant life.

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