This mini training is for anyone ready to move beyond 2020/21 and create a life aligned with their authentic power in 2022! 

In this 3 hour masterclass you will set yourself up for true success in 2022!


3 Hours

5-8pm ET


What if everything we know about goal setting and achieving greatness is backwards


It may seem obvious that we need to have goals and a vision for our lives that call us to share our greatness each day and make us happy


But current business type goal setting has it all backward. It says, pick any goal, learn how to do it really well and it will make you a success 


We all know many people who are caught in the catch 22 of being externally successful but internally unhappy and unfulfilled


In this workshop you will learn the secret to spiritual goal setting that takes goal setting to a totally new level of self empowerment and personal awakening

You have never set a goal like this before.

Join Rhys Thomas on December 28th, 5:00-8:00pm ET where he will share a totally new way of putting your mind body and soul into motion in your life so you can let go of what has never served you and embrace your inner greatness that has always and will always make you happy.

In this training you will


Learn a powerful technique to let go of past failure and your inner critic that are holding you hostage in your life


Set a new course for your life, in alignment with what your soul created you for, not on what society told you that you should be doing


Understand why setting your external money and work goals are useless until you have set and accomplished an essential internal goal


Realize that spiritually you have contracts that your goals and actions must be in alignment with if you are going to feel fulfilled in life


Set goals that lead to joy, passion, enthusiasm, love, connection, presence, and reveal a deeper sense of meaning in your life

Meet your Teacher

Rhys Thomas

Bestselling Author
Founder of Rhys Thomas Institute Of Energy Healing

My name is Rhys Thomas founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, and the creator of the 4 Dimensional Healing system that helped me and thousands of others heal physical and emotional pain, and aligned with a soul deep sense of meaning in career and relationships.

I am thrilled to share with you this spiritual goal setting system I created for the advanced students at the institute. 

I have seen time and time again that when a person aligns their inner and outer goal with their soul’s purpose magic happens in their lives. 

If you are ready to let go of what is not serving you in your life and align your body and chakras with your deeper soul’s purpose, “The Power of Spiritual Goal Setting” will change your life forever more. 

Join me on this mini training where you will receive the three simple yet profound practices that will connect you beyond your daily survival goals, which rarely lead to success… to discover a true inner mission and purpose already within you that can’t help but lead to a deeper level of fulfillment and satisfaction in life. 

How Do You know It’s a Spiritual Goal?

The hallmark of a spiritual goal is that they are never easy, but they reinforce a deep sense of purpose and meaning for your life… and lets you fearlessly express who you are in the moment, help you attract enlightened fun and stimulating relationships, and create work and a career that is not just a job but a daily place to sharing your greatest inspiration. 

How do you know if a goal is not real?

If your sense of ego self is diminished or enhanced by achieving or failing at your goal, it is not a goal. If you are relieved that it’s over and you can go back to your life, like hitting a weight loss goal or a financial goal, that is not a real goal either. The belief that you should be able to achieve any goal you set your mind to is a lie that makes you suffer. Trying to be anything you were not born to be leads to confusion and unhappiness.

In this training Rhys will share with you the fast track to living a life fully in alignment with your souls calling that has helped thousands of people just like you to stand more fully in their power and purpose in life.

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