The Courage to Live Your Purpose

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(so you can have more love, more energy, more enthusiasm, greater success, align with your soul's purpose, and find happiness and financial freedom?)
What excuses do you regularly use for not doing what you know you are being called to in your life and doing what you know you shouldn’t? (money, time, too busy, too tired, children, spouse, your age, work, no support, fear of change.)
What kind of adventure and richer life do you excuse yourself from? (More fun relationships, being seen as who you truly are, time with loved ones, doing work you love, travel…?)
If you invest your time, money, energy, and soul truth to find a mentor, a tribe, and a new way of living your life… what comes to you? (a total new life and outlook? Self-confidence? Greater health and energy? A more passionate relationship? Making a loving and lasting impact in the lives of your loved ones?)
Who in your life loses when you play small? What is the cost to you and everyone you know if you don’t change? (You, your children, your spouse, your clients… Is not doing what you know you should really do a victimless crime? Who has been waiting for you to stop playing small so they can do it too?)
(Are you ready to sacrifice who you are, for who you could become"?)
Are you ready to change from “this should happen to this must happen?”

Setting Yourself Up for Success

(How would knowing your energetic profile and your spiritual purpose help? How would deep clearing, energy healing, a tribe of conscious supportive teachers and friends help you get there faster? Like at the Rhys Thomas Institute where we have already helped over 10,000 people like you)

Take Action

(example, work with a mentor that has done this for many people before you)

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