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Monday Motivation: 3 Healing Gifts just for you

To motivate your week… How about I give you 3 powerful healing and spiritual awakening practices we use in the Rhys Thomas Institute? Practices that have changed thousands of people’s lives already. Would that be good? These 3 simple techniques are shifts in...

Monday Motivation: How to use Crystal Bowls to Heal

As an energy healer and spiritual trainer for the last 20 years, I am constantly looking for meditations and tools that let me increase my energy, get better guidance, and expand my heart and soul connection.  Of all the practices I have used over the years,...

Monday Motivation: Who Are You?

Would you like to know who you really are? Would you like a clear picture of your perfect life partner? Would you like to make better decisions, find your ideal career, and realize your highest potential? If your answer is yes… and you’re feeling unfulfilled, stuck...


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