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2:00pm ET/11:00am PT

Do you find yourself caught in undesirable life patterns that are draining you?

Relationships that are stressful?

Jobs that aren’t a right fit?

Financial hardships?

Perhaps you are suffering with chronic physical or emotional pain, or a condition that Western medicine has been unable to help you with?

Or, are you merely wanting to feel more confident and empowered in your ability to maintain your health and overcome life challenges?

In this advanced healer training, you will learn:


How to use the pendulum as a healing tool to gain clarity and direction for more accurate healing


How to clear and charge your energy field for healing

How to do Self-healing
How to send long distance healing
How to muscle test for yourself and others
Bioenergetics exercises to build up the healing energy within you

People are now beginning to realize that healing your body, mind, and spirit, and shifting the trajectory of your life in a true and enduring way will not come from a pill ­— it must come from within. 

Learning to take charge of your vitality and health can begin by learning a few simple yet key ways to heal at the energetic level — where illness originates and can be released before it manifests in your body.

I have been working with subtle healing energies for over 20 years and have been a high-performance coach for 35. This experience has given me both the practical insight into the healing world and the knowledge of how to apply it in every area of your life.

I have helped thousands of people access their power to heal so that they can rediscover their joy of living.

In this virtual mini training, you’ll discover:

Step-by-step practices to unblock, clear, and charge your energy field so you can quickly release negative patterns in your life.
Assessment skills that reveal the root causes of stress and life imbalances.
A 4-dimensional map for healing and aligning with your soul’s deepest purpose to heal yourself and others
A connection with your own intuition that will guide you in your life, giving you more self confidence
An awakening of your unique psychic abilities

Join me for a Mini Training on Energy Healing Techniques, “The 7 energy healing practices that restore and revitalize your energy field for healing, radiance and joy”  where I will give you 7 key tools to start taking back the power to heal yourself and others.

Meet the Presenter

Dear Amazing Soul,

I’m Rhys Thomas, and for the last 40 years, I’ve been driven to figure out the best ways to help people achieve their highest potential —  physically, emotionally, in their careers, and in their relationships. I help people to figure out the best ways to accelerate the process of change that lets them go — as I did — from success that feels empty and unfulfilling to lives of real contribution. As a result, I’ve helped thousands unlock the power within them to create a life and career of LOVE, passion, and fulfillment.

And my nature is to help YOU do this too — with fun and joy. I really feel — and my students attest — that I’ve found a pathway to do this that’s downright enjoyable. I’ve also found that it’s not just about achieving great results — it’s also about having a great time on the journey, so I designed this program for you to do exactly that.

This year, the world is shifting, and lives are being uprooted from what was safe in the past — so I am doubly driven to help you liberate what is truly extraordinary within you so you can thrive where others are feeling lost (and inspire them to flourish too!).

The future is uncertain, so now is the time to rebuild from the inside out. I use the latest high-performance physical, mental, and life purpose guidance, together with a one-of-a-kind array of ancient spiritual healing techniques, to show you a wholly new path to energize your relationships, your career, and your personal health in a way that becomes a catalyst for you to bring your inner gifts out of hiding so you can directly impact the lives of everyone you touch, and thrive in a new economy.

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