Living a No Limit Life

Back in the 1980’s Wayne Dyer coined the term No Limit Person in an audio he did.  That audio changed my life in my 20’s. This is my humble take on his brilliant ideas, as well as a path that I teach at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine in how to actually live a No Limit Life.

1983 was the first time I heard Wayne Dyer speak.  I had never heard someone be that clear about what sets apart the people who were outgoing, happy and successful from the rest of the people in the world, who were not.  From his work as a psychologist, he said he had discovered three ways people tend to live their lives.

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1. One he called the Neurotic. These are people who are totally controlled by their external circumstances.  Life is just one overwhelming event after another.  They tend to live in two worlds, either addictive spinning their wheels in a constant state of striving and going nowhere, or immobilized by mental fears and their inability to cope with an unfair external world.  They have moments of quiet between the drama of their life, but no inner peace. Relationships are tumultuous and the Neurotic feels very isolated.

2. The second he called the Normal, who work hard to be like, or at least as good as most people around them.  Keeping up with the “Jones’s” is what motivates them and they rarely strive to be different fearing rejection by being seen different.  They are followers.  Their fears are based on protecting what they have, they hate change since it might lead to failure or losing what they already have, so they often play it safe and just look forward to retirement rather than be free now. After a certain age, they no longer venture out beyond the known.   They often have relationships that are functional but not great, and as long as nothing horrible happens, they will stay in jobs and relationships that really don’t serve their highest good.

3. The third he called the No Limit Person, of which he said “there just aren’t enough of in the world.” They love the unknown and are not afraid of change.  They are motived by what scares them or what others have not done before.  They break through where others get pushed back.  They are high energy, leaders who fearlessly push the envelope of life, are masters of their destiny — not followers, are the movers and shakers and are never afraid to make waves in life.

Their inner peace comes from honoring their own callings and never betraying what they know is their truth.  Relationships are passionate and in service of each person’s highest good only.  They would not stay one minute more in a relationship or job that did not serve their soul. (Wayne was describing himself.)

Which one do you live in most of the time?

I immediately saw myself as a No Limit Person, running a good sized business in my 20’s and 30’s, doing spiritual practice, professional level tennis player, black belt in the martial arts, married at 24, top in my field, public speaking, creating and marketing an athletic training device, and on and on….

I also looked at friends and family who just didn’t have my level of drive as slackers and wondered why they found it so hard to get motivated when I was so motivated all the time.

This break-neck pace I was on lasted till my late 30’s when I noticed that no matter what I did, I always felt there was something missing.  I was having physical issues, problems in my family relationships, felt misunderstood at work and at home, felt like a terrible parent and became more and more isolated and alone in my drive for more.

That is when I discovered energy medicine and realized that with all my accomplishments, I was not really the No Limit Person at all, but a combination of the Neurotic and the Normal.

I was Neurotically striving to be like, or as good as, Wayne Dyer and terrified to let go of the business I was doing — even though it was killing me.  My neurotic addiction was wanting to be the next Wayne Dyer rather than opening myself to being the first Rhys Thomas!!!


The mystery to success and happiness that I found in Energy Medicine school is that most of the illnesses people have, relationship problems peoples have, feelings of anger at not being good enough, and inability to make a business work boil down to one thing — they have no idea who they really are and are like I was… trying to be someone I thought I should be! Even if it is being like Wayne Dyer, it will only cause pain and suffering.

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The idea that we can become Wayne Dyer or Martin Luther King, or Oprah is just silly.  What we can become is the highest version of ourselves, only!

I found that there are five general kinds of the No Limit Person, not one, to help people stuck in this pattern.  Highly Creative, Deep Feeling, Super Supportive, High Achievers and yes, Wayne Dyer-like people who are the leaders and charmers in the world.  These 5 kinds of greatness I call the Rhys Method Life Purpose Profiles.

Each one has a very different kind of No Limit Life they live.  Some run businesses, some create beauty, some love deeply, some make you feel great!  Knowing what kind of No Limit person you are makes being a no limit person a snap.  It is only from who you truly are that you feel truly alive and inspired, and when you are in that state you model for others what it is like to be totally alive and live a No Limit Life.

(Join me Live or On Line,  Thursday July 28 for a step into Living a No Limit Life)

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Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas, the founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute, has turned the art of energy healing into a science of personal empowerment.

My name is Rhys Thomas and when I turned 40, I wanted to know “why” even though I appeared to be successful in almost every part of my life and career, I still felt empty.
I became a personal growth junkie for year with no real shift. Then I got serious and attended a 4 year training in energy medicine that introduced me to chakras and so much more. Energy healing, combined with my love of marital arts helped me realize that I was not empty I had just blocked my ability to feel and see through all of my energy centers. I had blinders and didn’t know it. I was putting more attention on living societies dream of success, not my soul’s. But even this did not fully heal me, there was something missing. That is why I create my 4 Dimensional Healing system that that has awakened and deep send of empowerment, love and fulfillment in thousands of people who have worked with me. 30 day to Self-healing Through the chakras is the first leg in this system.

Now I am thrilled to be giving to you what took me 20 years to create in this 30 day training. I wish someone had give it to me 30 year ago.

This information is life like dynamite for anywhere you are stuck in your life or feeling disconnected, it has changed the lives of thousands in my programs and the institute. Now its your turn to use this wisdom to take your life, like I did from empty to fulfilled, energized and joyous.

When you say “YES” to this awakening and evolutionary journey up through the chakras you will unlock the mysteries of the world around and within you.